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#JusticeForNoura: Sudan overturns teenager's death sentence for killing rapist husband Open in fullscreen

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#JusticeForNoura: Sudan overturns teenager's death sentence for killing rapist husband

Noura Hussein's case has spotlighted women's rights in Sudan [Getty]

Date of publication: 26 June, 2018

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19-year-old Noura Hussein was facing execution over the killing of her husband who she said raped her.
A Sudan court has overturned the death sentence of 19-year-old Noura Hussein, whose case attracted international outrage and petitions for her release.

The teenager had been found guilty of the premeditated murder of a man she said raped her after being forced to marry him at the age of 16 by her father.

Her death sentence triggered global condemnation from the United Nations and global rights groups, who called for her "grossly unfair sentence" to be quashed.

Activists launched a campaign called "Justice For Noura," with many changing their profile pictures on Twitter and Facebook to a painting depicting a white veil and clenched fists.

After hearing an appeal last month, the court on Tuesday dropped the death penalty and instead handed Noura a five-year jail sentence and ordered her to pay compensation.

The teenager's story spotlighted women's rights in Sudan, where the legal age to enter into marriage is 10 and marital rape is not considered a crime in the predominantly Muslim African nation.

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