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Fire breaks out at power station in Iran following explosions, blazes Open in fullscreen

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Fire breaks out at power station in Iran following explosions, blazes

Iranian officials have hinted at cyber attacks following a string of mysterious incidents [screengrab]

Date of publication: 5 July, 2020

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A fresh fire broke out at an Iranian power station, the latest of a series of similar blazes, while Israel said it is not “necessarily” behind every incident.

A power station in Iran caught fire on Saturday, Iranian media reports said, the latest in a string of mysterious explosions and blazes to hit facilities around the country.

Videos shared on Twitter showed a cloud of thick black smoke rising over the city of Ahvaz in Iran's southwest, as the blaze affected a transformer in the power station.

According to Reuters, the blaze was put out by fire department within two hours, while electricity was also restored following outages.

An Iranian human rights advocate shared a video of the fire engulfing a polyvinyl chloride pipe warehouse at Kuchesfahan-Rasht road-Northern Iran on Saturday.

Citing the Iranian oil ministry's SHANA news agency, reports said there was a chlorine gas leak at near the port of Bandar Imam Khomeini, which injured around 70 workers who had inhaled the chlorine.

There have been other mysterious incidents at sensitive sites in Iran, which has prompted Iranian officials to hint at cybersecurity attacks while refusing to release the full details.

While a Kuwaiti newspaper cited an unnamed senior source claiming Jerusalem was behind recent incidents in Iran, Israel denied responsibility on Sunday when asked if the country was behind a blaze that broke out at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility earlier in the week.

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz told Israel Radio that "not every incident that transpires in Iran necessarily has something to do with us". 

"All those systems are complex, they have very high safety constraints and I'm not sure they always know how to maintain them," Gantz said.

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On Tuesday, 19 people were killed in an explosion at a medical clinic in Tehran, which was reportedly caused by a gas leak.

Another reported gas leak caused an explosion near the Parchin military and weapons development base late June.

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