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'Nine million Jews are better than 400 million Arabs,' Dubai deputy police chief says Open in fullscreen

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'Nine million Jews are better than 400 million Arabs,' Dubai deputy police chief says

Dhahi Khalfan is known for his controversial remarks [Getty]

Date of publication: 18 September, 2020

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Dubai's deputy police chief tweeted that "nine million Jews are better than 400 million Arabs" in his latest controversial comments following the UAE-Israel peace deal.
Dubai's former police chief and current deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan, who is known for his controversial remarks, said "nine million Jews are better than 400 million Arabs" in a Thursday tweet.

Apparently referring to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain normalising ties with Israel, Khalfan made another incendiary comment on Twitter.

"Our criticism of the Jews is meaningless and our fears of the Israeli expansion are unjustified," he tweeted. "So nine million Jews are better than 400 million Arabs in terms of scientific, financial and political capabilities, the reason is within us and not within the Jews. Why do we always blame the other?"

Khalfan is known to have consistently promoted Israeli normalisation and criticised the Palestinians.

Just days after last month's announcement of the UAE normalising ties with Israel, Khalfan became one of the first UAE officials to appear on Israeli television.

Khalfan’s interview on Israel’s Channel 12 described the move as a “very important” step for the Middle East, despite being unanimously condemned by Palestinian factions.

"Choosing peace is the strategy that dominates the Middle East today, which is full of tensions, wars and hatred between countries,” Khalfan said.

On Twitter, Khalfan attacked all Palestinian parties for their common criticism of the UAE's normalisation deal with Israel.

In a series of tweets, Khalfan criticised Palestinian groups and called for "dissolving" the enemies of the UAE, adding that his country's step to normalise with Tel Aviv will enhance Palestinian-Israeli talks.

Khalfan lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and his chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, saying that they have "outdated mentalities". 

He called for Hamas to be dissolved and the integration of all forces under the banner of Fatah with the "youth" assuming the leadership - an apparent reference to ex-Fatah leader and UAE ally Mohamed Dahlan.

Before the UAE formally established ties with Israel, Khalfan tweeted in support of normalisation with the Jewish state, adding that he would visit Israel before visiting Qatar.

Khalfan has previously blamed Qatar for an explosion that shook Cairo in 2019 and called on Egypt to attack the Gulf country.

The UAE official's animosity towards Qatar reflects a regional diplomatic crisis that took place when the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a blockade on the tiny peninsula in June 2017.

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