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Algeria whistle-blower jailed for a year

21 April, 2021

Algerian journalist and whistle-blower Noureddine Tounsi was sentenced to a year in prison after being detained since September.

18,000 refugee children missing in Europe since 2018: report

21 April, 2021

Tens of thousands of migrant children have gone missing in Europe in just two years, a cross-border journalism collective has revealed.

What's in a flag?

19 April, 2021

Comment: The Algerian flag stands for freedom against the people's oppressors: colonial and domestic, historic and present. No wonder France doesn't like it, writes Malia Bouattia.

Berbers mark 20 years since Algeria's 'Black Spring' protests

19 April, 2021

Berbers in Algeria are marking the anniversary for a protest movement that inspired the Hirak movement some twenty years later.

Algerian academic faces death threats during blasphemy trial

16 April, 2021

An Algerian academic is facing death threats over comments he made on common Islamic practices.

Algerian rights groups voice alarm over hunger-striking detainees

15 April, 2021

Rights group in Algeria have voiced concern over dozens of detainees that are currently on hunger strike.

Morocco called for release of jailed journalists

15 April, 2021

Moroccan journalists have called on authorities to release Suleiman Raissouni and Omar Al-Radi, who have been held for several month on pre-trail detention.

Morocco reportedly used a drone in Western Sahara

11 April, 2021

Morocco is accused of having killed a senior Western Sahara independence fighter through the use of a drone.

Pro-democracy Hirak protesters launch hunger strike in Algerian prison

10 April, 2021

A group of detained anti-government protesters in Algeria have launched a mass hunger strike in prison.

Moroccan teacher 'sex assault' victim charged: lawyer

09 April, 2021

Moroccan teachers have been charged after accusing security forces of sexual assault at a protest in the capital.

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