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Algeria buries remains of resistance fighters in emotional ceremony

05 July, 2020

Algeria has buried the skulls of 24 resistance fighters shot and decapitated by French troops in the colonial era after they were repatriated from a museum in Paris.

Algeria expects France to apologise for colonial past: president

05 July, 2020

Algeria wants France to apologise for its colonial past, the North African country's president has said.

France to send Algeria remains of 24 resistance fighters

03 July, 2020

France will send Algeria the remains of 24 resistance fighters killed during the French colonisation of the North African country.

Algerian activist Karim Tabbou to be released from jail

02 July, 2020

Karim Tabbou was arrested by Algerian authorities in 2019 on charges of “incitement to violence” and “harming national security” but he may be released today.

Italian MEP accuses Algeria of oppressing Amazigh ethnic group

02 July, 2020

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Algerian government has passed two laws endangering the freedoms of the Amazigh people, according to Minority Rights Group International.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

01 July, 2020

In Iran, nearly 11,000 have died due to Covid-19, whereas Turkey is urging the EU to include it in the list of 'safe' coronavirus partners.

Algerian politicians sentenced to 12 years for corruption

01 July, 2020

The Algerian elite have been culled as key figures have been jailed on corruption charges.

US removes Saudi Arabia from 'worst human traffickers' list

27 June, 2020

The United States has removed the Saudi kingdom from its Tier 3 trafficking list.

Algeria virus cases hit daily record

26 June, 2020

Algeria is the worst-affected country in the Maghreb region, with a total of 12,695 cases of the respiratory illness, including 885 deaths.

Algeria's constitutional reform process 'undermined by crackdown'

26 June, 2020

The rights group says Tebboune's crackdown on anti-government activists is preventing true constitutional reform.

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