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Coronavirus Pandemic: Positive stories of resilience and bravery

17 April, 2020

Top five stories highlighting the Middle East’s resilience in the face of coronavirus this week

Pandemic worsens plight of Middle East prisoners

17 April, 2020

Some Middle Eastern governments have released prisoners as part of their response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, while others have ignored pressure to do so.

Sudan protest image wins prestigious World Press Photo award

17 April, 2020

A photo from Sudan's protests demanding civilian rule has won a prestigious photography award.

Algerian politician urges not fasting to halt coronavirus spread

16 April, 2020

Algerian politician Noureddine Boukrouh urged Muslims to skip fasting this Ramadan.

Pandemics and profiteers: Middle East medical suppliers and Covid-19

16 April, 2020

In poor economies in the Middle East, surging consumer demands for face masks, protective gear and hand sanitiser have led to a bustling black market trade, full of questionable goods.

In Algeria, Hirak protest movement continues with 'Coronavirus Radio'

15 April, 2020

With people forced to socially isolate in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, one radio host has found a novel way to keep the Hirak protest movement alive: radio.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

15 April, 2020

The Syrian regime is being urged to release doctors amid the outbreak of coronavirus while Algeria's 'Radio Corona Internationale' continues the Hirak protest movement despite a nationwide lockdown.

Tamikrest: Desert blues in the longing for Tuareg freedom

15 April, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Saharan desert blues band Tamikrest, whose fifth album Tamotaït offers songs of freedom and resistance from the painful longing of exile.

Top oil producers agree cuts due to coronavirus crisis

13 April, 2020

Top oil-producing countries agreed Sunday to cut output in order to boost plummeting oil prices due to the coronavirus crisis and a Russia-Saudi price war.

Algeria faces 'financial abyss' amid coronavirus-fuelled oil price collapse

12 April, 2020

Experts are warning that Algeria faces economic and social turmoil as the country’s financial resources are drained by an oil price collapse which happened because of coronavirus.

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