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Gulf states urged to free activists, migrant workers

07 April, 2020

Human Rights Watch has raised concerns over the health of political prisoners and rights activists detained across the Gulf, as the region battles with the coronavirus.

Egypt 'refuses' appeals to repatriate stranded citizens in Qatar

06 April, 2020

Some 400 Egyptians are reportedly stranded in Qatar without assistance from their government in Cairo, which has allegedly refused to repatriate them.

Saudi deploys 'counter-insurgency force' to impose Riyadh coronavirus lockdown

03 April, 2020

The Rapid Response Force of the National Guard usually tasked with counter-insurgency has deployed armoured vehicles in the capital Riyadh to impose a coronavirus lockdown.

Could MbS' power grab unravel Al Saud rule?

02 April, 2020

Comment: The Saudi crown prince's rise to power has in effect destabilised his country, and by extension Al Saud control, writes Emile Nakhleh.

UAE coronavirus aid to Syrians shouldn't mean rehabilitating Assad

30 March, 2020

Comment: Don't be fooled, it's not humanitarian help UAE is offering Assad, its normalisation of his tyrannical regime, writes Sam Hamad

Oil drops below $20 barrel mark in 18-year low

30 March, 2020

US oil has dropped below $20 a barrel, impacted by the coronavirus crisis and over production.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: March 29

29 March, 2020

Syria and Qatar report their first coronavirus deaths, while Iranian authorities hunt for dozens of escaped prisoners in today's coronavirus roundup.

Bahrain is angry because Qatar is helping stranded Bahrainis

29 March, 2020

A group of 31 Bahrainis that were left stranded by their government in Qatar were welcomed in Doha, prompting backlash from their home government.

Qatar reports first virus death, GCC toll hits 11

28 March, 2020

A 57-year-old Bangladeshi national with chronic diseases became Qatar's first Covid-19 fatality.

Britain, US working with Saudis to repatriate citizens

28 March, 2020

Saudi Arabia is working with Britain and the US to fly citizens home.

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