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Arab leaders pay tribute to Prince Philip

10 April, 2021

Leaders from across the Arab World offered their condolences to the Queen of the United Kingdom following the death of her husband Prince Philip on Friday.

Bahrain releases dozens of prisoners after Covid-19 cases

10 April, 2021

Protests by families of detainees in Bahrain have led to authorities releasing dozens of inmates from Jaw prison, following a reported surge of coronavirus cases in the jail.

UAE's Etihad airlines launches direct flights to Israel

08 April, 2021

The Abu Dhabi-based airline is the latest to provide direct flights between the two countries, which normalised ties last year.

The world watches Lebanon on brink of collapse

07 April, 2021

Comment: Emile Nakhleh examines how corruption has brought Lebanese society to the brink, and why the international community and its institutions must hastily re-imagine innovative ways for it to survive.

Sudan abolishes decades-old Israel boycott law in normalisation drive

06 April, 2021

Sudan has abolished an Israel boycott law that has been active since 1958 in the latest development in the normalisation of ties between the two countries.

US climate envoy attends UAE Climate Dialogue

05 April, 2021

The United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate attended the regional climate dialogue, where MENA countries re-committed to the Paris Agreement.

Jordanian prince's criticism put kingdom's allies in bind

04 April, 2021

King Abdullah II got support expressed from Jordan's allies as his half-brother criticised how the country is rules.

Expats struggle to get vaccines in Kuwait

04 April, 2021

Despite composing 70% of the population, foreigners in Kuwait struggle to get considered for vaccination.

Saudi Arabia, US back Jordan after 'foiled coup attempt'

03 April, 2021

Amman swiftly received an influx of support from its regional and international allies on Saturday after an alleged coup plot was foiled by authorities in Jordan.

Saudi prince sells English country estate to Bahrain's king

03 April, 2021

Prince Bandar bin Sultan bought the estate in the 1990s for 11 million pounds.

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