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The Iraq Report: PKK, Iran-backed militias threaten Turkey

15 February, 2021

Turkey is facing a dual threat from Kurdish militants and Iran-backed militias amid its military operation in northern Iraq.

UAE swears in first ambassador to Israel

15 February, 2021

Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja has been sworn in on Sunday as the first UAE's ambassador to Israel, five months after a controversial normalisation deal.

Small protests mark Bahrain uprising's 10th anniversary

14 February, 2021

Small-scale demonstrations occurred amid a tight police presence.

US charges son in Navy staffer's killing in Bahrain

13 February, 2021

Prosecutors charged the son of a civilian Navy staffer in Bahrain over her stabbing death.

Bahrain paralysed by legacy of Arab Spring

12 February, 2021

It has been ten years since Bahrain was rocked by protests that demanded reforms, which were crushed by government forces.

Palestinians hope vote boosts diplomatic strength: experts

12 February, 2021

Palestinians are hoping that the recently announced elections will help to strengthen diplomatic ties with foreign countries and lead to talks with Israel.

Can football diplomacy reunite the GCC?

11 February, 2021

The upcoming Qatar World Cup has economic benefits for the GCC which is struggling to overcome damages inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic, writes Sabena Siddiqui.

Qatar in diplomatic push to revive Iran nuclear deal

11 February, 2021

Qatar’s top diplomat signaled his country’s role as a mediator in the Iran-US crisis.

Ten years on: Bahrain ‘crushed’ all dreams of reform

11 February, 2021

A new Amnesty International report marking ten years since the uprising in Bahrain said authorities in the Gulf kingdom have continued to crush all dreams of reform.

Qatar minister meets new Saudi envoy as ties restored

10 February, 2021

Qatari Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi has met with a new Saudi envoy following the restoration of ties between the two Gulf nations.

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