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I escaped Sisi's jails, but thousands of others haven't

20 October, 2020

Comment: Despite death threats forcing me out of Egypt, I'm lucky compared to the tens of thousands jailed, tortured and killed for speaking their minds, writes Bahey el-Din Hassan

Arab regimes are falsifying Palestinian history to enable normalisation

20 October, 2020

Comment: A Saudi-Emirati effort is underway to discredit Palestinian narratives of the conflict in favour of Israeli ones in order to pave the way for normalisation, writes Ali Adam.

Biden 'to take tougher stance' on rights abuser Sisi

19 October, 2020

In a recent letter reviewed by The Washington Post, US lawmakers signal Sisi's rights violation 'will not be tolerated' if Biden wins the presidency.

74-year-old Egyptian grandfather becomes world's oldest professional footballer

18 October, 2020

Grandfather-of-six Ezzeldin Bahader was granted the accolade just after his team lost 3-2 to El Ayat Sports club in the Egyptian third division.

Egypt releases satirist after two years in jail: family

18 October, 2020

Abu Zeid was part of a satirical television talk show before the authorities halted its broadcast.

Netanyahu to visit Bahrain, UAE next week: report

18 October, 2020

According to reports, the Israeli Prime Minister is set to make his first official trips to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain next week.

Israeli delegation in Bahrain to start diplomatic, commercial relations

18 October, 2020

Senior Israeli delegates are due to meet with Bahraini and American officials to sign diplomatic and commercial deals with the gulf state.

'Hello you': Controversial Israeli-UAE duet song a 'YouTube hit'

18 October, 2020

A catchy Emirati-Israeli duet song has recently become popular, but the comments section shows many are visiting the link to express disapproval.

Israel, Bahrain to sign diplomatic agreement on Sunday: report

17 October, 2020

Israeli and US officials will sign an agreement in Bahrain to establish the opening of embassies in the respective countries.

Flights resume between Libyan capital and Benghazi

16 October, 2020

Flights between Libya's capital Tripoli and Benghazi resumed amid an easing of tensions between the UN-recognised government and rival authorities in the east.

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