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Pro-Haftar forces say will maintain Libya oil blockade

12 July, 2020

"The closure of ports and oil fields will be maintained until the demands of the Libyan people are satisfied," a statement published by the group said.

Haftar's forces set conditions for lifting oil blockade

12 July, 2020

Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar want Libya's oil revenues to be distributed 'fairly' among rival factions.

Egypt bill protects identity of sexual assault victims

11 July, 2020

Egyptians filing sexual assault cases will have the option to remain anonymous to the public, while the credentials of victims will only be revealed to the court and defendants.

Sudan ratifies law criminalising female genital mutilation

10 July, 2020

Anyone found guilty of performing the procedure will be sentenced to up to three years in prison, according to a copy of the new law obtained by The Associated Press.

Suspected Egyptian spy in Berlin signals widespread anti-dissident campaign

10 July, 2020

The revelation that a former employee in Merkel's press office is under investigation for spying for Egypt hints at a wider campaign by the Sisi regime to track critics abroad

Oil production resumes in Libya after months-long shutdown

10 July, 2020

Libya, which has the biggest proven reserves of crude in Africa, will resume oil production and exports.

Biden would drastically change relations with Saudi, Egypt: adviser

10 July, 2020

Biden's foreign policy advisor laid out the presidential candidate's intention to curb support for Saudi Arabia, but failed to outline a clear commitment to establishing Palestinian sovereignty.

Deadly silence: The fight against FGM in Arab states

10 July, 2020

In-depth: More than 4.1 million girls and women are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation in 2020.

Macron demands Netanyahu scrap annexation plans as 'unlawful'

10 July, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that annexing the West Bank would 'contravene international law'.

How Egypt's sexual harassment problem could usher in #MeToo

09 July, 2020

With sexual assault cases increasing, and a growing body of voices online refusing to back down, some critics argue there could be a reckoning in Egypt.

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