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Amnesty slams Russia's 'despicable' Syria aid veto

08 July, 2020

Russia and China abused their veto power in order to end vital cross-border aid supplies for Syrian civilians, said Amnesty, calling it 'dangerous and despicable'.

Russia vetoes crucial extension of cross-border aid in Syria

07 July, 2020

A crucial UN Security Council resolution that would have extended authorisation for cross-border humanitarian aid in Syria for a year has been vetoed by Russia.

UN vote seeks to authorise cross-border aid to Syria

07 July, 2020

Aid groups are urging Russia to rethink its position, as Syria cracks under the pressure of its civil war.

Iraq mourns Hashemi, vows to pursue his killers

07 July, 2020

National and international figures mourned the killing of Hisham al-Hashemi, who was gunned down on Monday in capital city of Baghdad.

US killing of Qassem Soleimani 'unlawful', says UN expert

07 July, 2020

A UN expert found the US' killing of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani to be in contravention of international law.

Iraqi Kurdistan fears entanglement in Turkey-UAE cold war

07 July, 2020

Analysis: Iraqi Kurdistan hopes to avoid becoming entangled in a regional cold war.

Iraqi researcher on militant groups Hisham al-Hashemi killed

07 July, 2020

Jihadism expert Hisham al-Hashemi was shot outside his home in Baghdad on Monday and died shortly thereafter at a local hospital, an Iraqi interior ministry official told AFP.

To defeat systemic racism, America must end endless war

07 July, 2020

Comment: The US desperately needs an open and honest debate about the ways race and racism have influenced its foreign policy for centuries, writes Nima Gerami.

Rocket fired at Baghdad airport following string of attacks

06 July, 2020

A rocket landed near Baghdad airport overnight but did not explode, an Iraqi security source said, after two other rocket attacks targeted American diplomatic and military installations at the weekend.

Rockets target American sites in Iraq despite militia arrests

05 July, 2020

Two rocket attacks have targeted American sites in and around Baghdad on Saturday night, wounding a child, despite recent arrests of suspected militiamen from the pro-Iranian Kataeb Hezbollah group

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