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France to crack down on online posts after murder

24 October, 2020

France will crack down on social media posts that put people in danger by divulging their personal details following the murder of a teacher last week.

PKK militants impose royalties on Iraqi citizens

23 October, 2020

PKK militants recently deployed in Penjwen, in the Sulaymaniyah governorate, have taken control of a number of roads leading to the border with Iran.

The Iraq Report: Sectarian killings revive fears of strife

23 October, 2020

A mass killing and an attack on Kurdish political headquarters suggest ethno-sectarian tensions are flaring again, with many questioning whether Iraq can resolve such disputes under its current

Yemen in Focus: New Houthi ambassador signals Iran's intentions

23 October, 2020

This week we focus on Iran's new ambassador to the Houthis in the rebel-held capital.

Iran slaps sanctions on US envoy in tit-for-tat move

23 October, 2020

Tehran hit back at repeat US sanctions on the Republic Guards by imposing its own on the American ambassador to Iraq.

Bloated public salaries at heart of Iraq's economic woes

23 October, 2020

Iraq's state revenues have plunged amid a crash in oil prices this year, forcing the government to reconsider the outsized sum it spends on the public sector.

Diaspora in Bloom: Spotlighting contemporary Assyrian art and identity

23 October, 2020

A virtual but intimate exhibition aims to showcase modern-day Assyrian art created by the ancient community's widespread diaspora, exploring the challenges of identity, migration and cultural continuation.

Iraq's PM 'dancing with snakes' between US and Iran

23 October, 2020

Prime Minister Kadhimi said Iraq is walking a tight rope between Iran and US, as relations deteriorate between the two countries.

US slaps sanctions on Iranian entities for ‘election interference’

23 October, 2020

The US has ordered new sanctions on five Iranian entities, accusing them of spreading online disinformation in order to influence upcoming US presidential elections.

Could Biden save the nuclear deal with Iran?

22 October, 2020

Analysis: Joe Biden has vowed that the US could rejoin the Iran nuclear deal if he wins the 2020 election. But time might be running out.

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