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#Don't_Execute: viral campaign to stop Iran protester hangings

14 August, 2020

A rare viral internet campaign urging Iran not to execute men detained over anti-government protests has halted their executions, but has not prevented death sentences altogether.

Beware the US-Israel-UAE strategic agenda for the Arab region

14 August, 2020

Comment: The deal announced Thursday serves only the interests of Trump in an election year, Israel, and Arab authoritarianism in the region, writes Rami Khouri.

8 children die in Syria camp for IS families

13 August, 2020

The detainees at al-Hol consist of the wives of IS fighters and their children, who were captured or surrendered to Kurdish forces.

What a Biden-Harris ticket means for the Middle East

13 August, 2020

America's strategy in the Middle East has failed. But can a Biden presidency repair it?

Turkey continues operations against Kurdish militants in Iraq

13 August, 2020

Turkey's presence in Iraq continues.

Beirut blast raises fears in Iraq of weapons stockpiles

12 August, 2020

In Iraq, where weapons are stored in urban centres and unexploded bombs litter border areas, fears of a catastrophe are acute.

Turkish drone kills 2 Iraqi officers in Kurdish region

11 August, 2020

An alleged Turkish drone attack killed two Iraqi officers in the north of the country on Tuesday, authorities said.

US military investigating claim of Iraq-Kuwait border blast

11 August, 2020

An alleged blast that rocked the Iraq-Kuwait border is being investigated by the US military.

Iran says 2 convicted of spying for Israel, UK

11 August, 2020

Two people have been convicted in Iran for allegedly spying on behalf Israel, the UK and Germany.

Yemen investigates reports of ammonium nitrate at port

10 August, 2020

Following Tuesday's tragic explosion at Beirut port, authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged presence of ammonium nitrate in Aden.

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