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Pandemic forces Jordanian children into labour market

23 January, 2021

Schools have been closed for nearly a year in Jordan, forcing many children into the labour market prematurely.

Morocco signs direct flight agreement with Israel

22 January, 2021

The two states agreed to normalise ties in December last year.

Why designating Yemen's Houthis as terrorists is a mistake

22 January, 2021

Analysis: Designating the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organisation could choke humanitarian supplies to Yemen and torpedo diplomatic efforts for peace.

Israeli school principal faces hearing over banned NGO talk

21 January, 2021

Rights group B'Tselem was banned from schools after saying that Israel is an apartheid regime.

US-UAE arms deal approved as Trump leaves office

21 January, 2021

The sale of 50 F-35 jets and up to 18 armed drones was promised to the UAE when it agreed to normalise relations with Israel in August.

Racist hashtag says Lebanese should get vaccine before refugees

20 January, 2021

A hashtag calling for Lebanese people to get vaccines before refugees has sparked renewed debate in Lebanon about racism, prejudice, and the right to medical care.

Rights groups banned from Israel schools after 'apartheid' report

18 January, 2021

Education Minister Yoav Gallant announced all rights groups that refer to Israel in a derogatory manner will be banned from entering schools across the country.

Sudanese anti-normalisation protesters burn Israeli flags in Khartoum

18 January, 2021

Anti-normalisation protesters in Khartoum took to the streets on Saturday to stand against the country's recent normalisation deal with Israel.

Jordan becomes first country to vaccinate refugees

15 January, 2021

Jordan has vaccinated its first refugee and intends to include all those living in the country in its vaccine programme.

Jordan's King Abdullah gets Covid-19 jab

14 January, 2021

Jordan's King Abdullah and some of his family members have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus

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