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Israel's Gantz 'ready to accept' limited West Bank annexation

06 April, 2020

Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are currently in negotiations to form a unity government during the coronavirus pandemic.

Syria Weekly: Coronavirus outbreak sparks more fears of epidemic

05 April, 2020

Two reported deaths from coronavirus in Syria point to a much higher outbreak than is being acknowledged by authorities.

Jordan to use drones, cameras to monitor curfew

05 April, 2020

Jordan says it has arrested at least 1,600 people for violating the curfew, which imposes heavy penalties and has been in force since last month.

Gentrification and grassroots resistance in Amman's oldest district

03 April, 2020

Residents, shop owners and activists are organising themselves to prevent multinational corporations from taking over one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Jordan's capital.

Coronavirus lockdowns are further eroding civil rights in Mideast

02 April, 2020

A new tracker has been launched to monitor the degradation of civil liberties across the world as countries grapple with a fast-spreading virus and social distancing directives.

Netanyahu's tightening grip on power bodes badly for Palestinians

02 April, 2020

Palestinians have been dealt a painful political blow after Benny Gantz folded and decided to join a unity government, allowing Netanyahu to tighten his grip on power in Israel.

The Middle East At war with coronavirus

02 April, 2020

Algeria releases 5,000 prisoners in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organisation warns Iraq that coronavirus cases are likely to balloon.

UNHCR seeks $27 million for Jordan's fight against coronavirus

02 April, 2020

So far, the UNHCR has been able to contribute no more than $1.2 million to the Hashemite Kingdom's Ministry of Health, procuring medical equipment and laboratory tests.

Jordanian woman alleges family abuse under coronavirus lockdown

31 March, 2020

In a viral Facebook Live broadcast, a Jordanian woman claimed that she and her son were expelled from their family home, despite Jordan's coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus threatens more misery for vulnerable Middle East refugees

31 March, 2020

The Middle East's most vulnerable refugees, trapped in camps across the region, await the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic while already living in poor sanitary conditions.

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