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Qatar to host FIFA Arab Cup in 2021

25 November, 2020

Qatar, host of World Cup 2022, will be the venue of a special 22-team Arab Cup next year.

Kuwait plans 'foreigner-free' public oil sector by mid-2021

20 November, 2020

Kuwait is planning to fire all foreigners from its national oil sector by July 2021, although private and foreign companies will be exempt.

Iraq, Saudi reopen border crossing after 30 years

18 November, 2020

Iraq and Saudi Arabia reopened their Arar desert crossing after a 30-year closure.

Trump 'prioritising' end to Qatar blockade before exit

17 November, 2020

Trump's national security advisor, Robert O'Brien said ending the Qatar blockade is a top priority for the outgoing administration.

Which Middle Eastern countries will get the Covid-19 vaccine?

14 November, 2020

Israel, Qatar and Kuwait are among the nations that have reserved doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Iman Jodeh makes history as Colorado's first Muslim lawmaker

13 November, 2020

Iman Jodeh, Colorado's first Muslim state representative, reflects on what inspired her to run for office and how she plans to be a voice for her diverse district.

Biden as president: Winners and losers in the GCC

12 November, 2020

Analysis: With Trump's chaotic presidency coming to an end, Gulf states are preparing for major changes in Washington that could heavily impact the Middle East.

Syria marks 50 years of Assad family rule

12 November, 2020

Like the Castro family in Cuba and North Korea’s Kim dynasty, the Assads have attached their name to their country the way few non-monarchical rulers have done.

UN food chief: Yemen faces 'looming famine', needs millions

12 November, 2020

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning World Food Programme warned war-torn Yemen faces "looming famine" and urged nations to immediately provide hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bahrain's crown prince appointed new prime minister

11 November, 2020

Bahrain's crown prince was appointed as the country's prime minister following the death of his great uncle, the world's longest-serving prime minister.

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