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Qatar rules out normalisation with Israel: official

15 September, 2020

Qatar's assistant foreign minister has assured that Doha will not follow the footsteps of the UAE and Bahrain in normalising relations with Israel.

Kuwait swears in first female judges

03 September, 2020

Eight women judges have been appointed to the Kuwaiti supreme court after a long battle.

Stop normalising apartheid: Lessons from South Africa's liberation struggle

03 September, 2020

Comment: Africa's Frontline States showed what real solidarity looks like, but the Arab world is ignoring the lessons of history, writes Suraya Dadoo.

Kuwait: Israeli planes not allowed in our airspace

02 September, 2020

Kuwait reportedly denied rumours that Israeli flights bound for the UAE would cross through its airspace.

Where does STL verdict leave Lebanon's search for accountability?

01 September, 2020

Comment: Establishing the truth behind Hariri's killing and a string of other assassinations is an important step towards reconciliation, as Lebanon grapples with its past and present, writes Kareem Shaheen.

The geopolitical race to rebuild Beirut's port

01 September, 2020

Hopes of acquiring greater influence in the Eastern Mediterranean are driving competition to gain control of Beirut's port.

Pompeo failed to replicate UAE-Israel deal, here's why

31 August, 2020

Comment: Pompeo's failure to garner more UAE-style normalisation agreements suggests that Arab public opinion still counts for something, writes Rami Khouri.

Qatar 'dismantles' controversial kafala system in major labour reforms

30 August, 2020

Qatar become the first country in the Middle East on Sunday to set a basic 'non-discriminatory' minimum wage for workers in the Gulf state, amid efforts to reform labour laws.

After UAE-Israel deal, which Arab countries could be next?

28 August, 2020

The agreement has amplified regional divisions but also formalised new fault lines. So who could be next to establish official ties with Israel?

Will Saudi follow suit and normalise relations with Israel?

25 August, 2020

Comment: Saudi Arabia may normalise relations with Israel eventually, but it has different, more complex set of considerations to the UAE, writes Courtney Freer.

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