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Why Turkey wants Biden to salvage the JCPOA

22 March, 2021

Analysis: As divisions grow among Washington's partners, Turkey will likely stand in the camp of states that see the JCPOA's survival as serving both their national interests and regional stability.

Kuwait government drops threat to prosecute lawmakers

17 March, 2021

The move comes amid a months-long standoff between Kuwait's publicly-elected MPs and its appointed prime minister.

Eman Quotah's Bride of the Sea

17 March, 2021

Book Club: Eman Quotah's Bride of the Sea is a truly striking debut that explores Middle Eastern-immigrant story in a delicate and captivating light.

'Education first': Kuwaitis campaign for government to reopen schools

16 March, 2021

Kuwait has kept all students away from educational institutions since March 2020.

Oman blocks audio chat Clubhouse app

15 March, 2021

Clubhouse app is not accessible anymore in Oman, whose government cut the access over a license issue

Kuwait court expels harsh government critic from parliament

14 March, 2021

Opposition MP Bader al-Dahoum was expelled from the parliament in Kuwait on the basis of an old conviction for insulting the late emir

MENA women shake region out of sexual harassment silence

09 March, 2021

Women from Morocco, to Egypt, Iran and Kuwait took their countries by storm in the past year through social media to break the silence on sexual assault and harassment.

Qatar, Egypt discuss bilateral cooperation in Cairo

09 March, 2021

The Qatari delegation's visit is reportedly a prelude to a full restoration of diplomatic ties in the 'next phase'.

What lies in store for US-Saudi ties?

09 March, 2021

Analysis: Biden has softened his tough campaign rhetoric since entering office as the US negotiates its future relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Do we really need 'women's empowerment'?

08 March, 2021

Comment: All too often, 'women's empowerment' in the MENA and Gulf represents the neoliberal interests of western institutions and their elite Arab partners, writes Shaikha Al-Hashem.

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