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UAE, Qatar officials hold first meeting since Gulf dispute

22 February, 2021

An official delegation from Qatar and the UAE arrived in Kuwait to discuss developments of the Al-Ula agreement, which marked the restoration of diplomatic, trade and travel ties with Qatar.

Jewish communities in Arab Gulf nations form first association

16 February, 2021

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities will include a Jewish court and a regional Kosher certification agency.

Olympic powerbroker to go on trial in Geneva

12 February, 2021

Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah will go on trial for forgery, allegations he claims are motivated by political factions within Kuwait.

Bahrain paralysed by legacy of Arab Spring

12 February, 2021

It has been ten years since Bahrain was rocked by protests that demanded reforms, which were crushed by government forces.

Involving regional states in Iran talks will spell failure

10 February, 2021

Comment: It would be a mistake to allow long-standing and difficult issues of regional rivalries to interfere in future negotiations with Iran, writes Shireen T. Hunter.

Uproar as Kuwaiti singer 'converts' to Judaism from Islam

10 February, 2021

Kuwaiti singer Basma Al-Kuwaiti posted a video on Twitter where she announced she had left Islam and become Jewish.

What led to a modern-time Egyptian Pharaoh’s downfall?

10 February, 2021

Hosni Mubarak reigned as Egypt’s fourth president for almost 30 years but his downfall seemed imminent one decade earlier as people's rage and frustration in the country grew.

Evolving notions of citizenship in UAE and the Gulf

10 February, 2021

Comment: UAE's plan to expand citizenship reflects a nation keen to shore up its assets while protecting access to this traditionally exclusive status, writes Courtney Freer.

In conservative Kuwait, women launch their own #MeToo movement

09 February, 2021

The nationwide movement was sparked after a popular fashion blogger made an explosive video in which she said there was a 'problem' with harassment in Kuwait.

Biden to visit State Department

04 February, 2021

Joe Biden is to set out his foreign policy agenda at a meeting at the state department.

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