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Disgraced former Spanish king 'hiding in Abu Dhabi'

09 August, 2020

A Spanish newspaper alleges scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos is staying in a $12,000-a-night suite at the Emirates Palace hotel, after fleeing Spain on a private jet a week ago

Trump rejected Saudi proposal to invade Qatar: report

08 August, 2020

In a phone call with Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman proposed a ground invasion of Qatar.

More than 60 still missing after Beirut mega-blast

08 August, 2020

Sixty people are still missing, while 154 are confirmed dead following the devastating explosion in Beirut's port, the Lebanese health ministry has confirmed

Trump to join Beirut donor conference call

07 August, 2020

US President Donald Trump announced he would participate in an international conference call for donors assisting Lebanon in the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut.

Lebanon president rejects global probe into Beirut port blast

07 August, 2020

Despite many calls for an independent probe into the Beirut blast, Lebanon's president rejected an international investigation into the tragedy.

Rescuers scour Beirut blast zone as first arrests made

07 August, 2020

Rescuers are combing through the blast site, searching for missing people as the country reels from the tragedy.

Lebanese clear blast rubble from roads around cratered port

06 August, 2020

Authorities have cordoned off the port itself, where the blast left a crater 200 meters (yards) across and shredded a large grain silo.

Emergency aid heads to Lebanon as world offers support

05 August, 2020

Multiple countries rallied around crisis-stricken Lebanon, showing support and dispatching emergency aid after the explosion that devastated capital Beirut.

Palestinian novelist Huzama Habayeb on literature, memory and displacement

05 August, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Huzama Habayeb, an award-winning Palestinian novelist who explores the relationship between exile and nostalgia in her groundbreaking work.

World offers support, condolences to Lebanon after devastating blasts

04 August, 2020

Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on "friendly countries" to support the country already reeling from its worst economic crisis in decades as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

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