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Lebanese convicted of financing Hezbollah in US returns home

08 July, 2020

A Lebanese businessman who was convicted for laundering money to Hezbollah returned to his home country after his early release.

Lebanon PM seeking to sue AUB for $1 million

08 July, 2020

Hassan Diab reportedly filed a complaint claiming nearly one million dollars in exit package compensation from his former employer last month.

Hezbollah chief blasts US envoy as 'military ruler'

08 July, 2020

The head of Hezbollah accused the US ambassador to Lebanon of behaving "as if she has authority" after she criticised the Iran-backed Shia party.

Lebanon's Nasrallah says Hezbollah not married to 'Iran model'

08 July, 2020

Lebanon's cash-strapped government is looking for fuel supplies.

Lebanon's rising power cuts add to economic crisis

07 July, 2020

Lebanon is experiencing a serious economic crisis offset by power cuts and austerity.

#SoundOfResilience: Lebanon holds Baalbek concert despite virus, economic crisis

06 July, 2020

This year's Baalbek International Festival broadcasted performances, held among Roman columns, on local and regional TV stations and streamed on social media platforms.

Syria Insight: German court case highlights Assad's torture legacy

06 July, 2020

Syria Insight: A German court case has gripped the Syrian diaspora in Europe, shedding light on Assad's notorious campaign of torture.

Lebanon's leading Christian clerics slam government's economic mismanagement

06 July, 2020

Lebanese are suffering unprecedented economic meltdown since the civil war.

'Living in hope': Families of Syria detainees await news

06 July, 2020

Anguished relatives are poring over photos of torture victims from Syrian prisons, posted online by activists after the US imposed new sanctions on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Five released after Turkey trial into Ghosn escape begins

04 July, 2020

An Istanbul court has ordered the release of five suspects after the trial into the escape of Carlos Ghosn began.

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