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Macron urged to freeze 'doubtful' Lebanese assets

06 April, 2021

President Emmanuel Macron is being urged to freeze suspect assets held by Lebanese officials in France.

EU pact reiterates shared commitment to keeping refugees out

06 April, 2021

Comment: The EU says it wants to help refugees, but the new pact reflects the same mindset of deterrence and dissuasion, focusing on border controls and returns, writes Tommaso Segantini.

Libya women bloc demand politicians work towards December elections

05 April, 2021

A women's bloc is challenging a largely male political class in Libyan politics, fearing they will try to delay elections to cling onto power.

EU calls for foreign fighters to leave Libya

05 April, 2021

Praising the formation of Libya's new unity government, EU Council President Charles Michel has called for all foreign fighters to leave the country.

EU's Michel in Libya to bolster interim government

04 April, 2021

As Libyan leaders are working on a peace process, European Council President Charles Michel has arrived for a visit.

Libya receives Russia’s Sputnik vaccine

04 April, 2021

Libya is expected to start vaccinating its population as the first 100,000 doses arrived, as hospitals can't handle the pressure of the pandemic.

Israeli intel officials met with Khalifa Haftar's son: reports

03 April, 2021

Saddam Haftar is seeking Western and external support for his presidential bid.

Shadow of murderous brothers hangs over Libyan town

02 April, 2021

More than 100 bodies have been exhumed from mass graves in Tarhuna, with dozens more missing and presumed dead.

China to reopen embassy in Libyan capital

02 April, 2021

The Libyan foreign minister has met with the Chinese charges'd'affairs and discussed the reopening of the Chinese embassy in Tripoli, which has been closed since the Libyan civil war.

Egypt gets hundreds of thousands of vaccines via Covax

01 April, 2021

Egypt has received nearly one million coronavirus vaccines through the Covax facility.

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