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UN chief seeks monitors for Libya's fragile ceasefire

30 December, 2020

In a letter to Security Council members, the secretary-general asked to set up a monitoring group.

Turkey's rise and Iran's decline in the South Caucasus

30 December, 2020

Analysis: With Turkey asserting its influence in the South Caucasus region during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Iran must now adapt to a new geopolitical reality.

Russian and Libyan foreign ministers meet in Moscow

30 December, 2020

Russia's Sergey Lavrov and Libya's Mohammed Taher Siala met to discuss the ceasefire in the North African country.

Egyptian delegation meets GNA officials in Tripoli

30 December, 2020

The visit by the high-level Egyptian delegation was the first of its kind since 2014.

The fear inspired by Blackwater, US military in Iraq

29 December, 2020

Though Nisour Square was 13 years ago, the release of the Blackwater guards from prison opened up old wounds for the families of those killed, writes Elijah J. Magnier.

Russia, Turkey to develop military ties despite US sanctions

29 December, 2020

Moscow and Ankara's military cooperation would not be deterred by US sanctions on Turkey, Russia's FM said.

Turkey vows 'retaliation' against attacks by east Libya strongman

27 December, 2020

Attacks against Turkey by rogue Libyan General Khalifa Haftar will have consequences, the Turkish defence minister said on Sunday.

Turkish Defence Minister and delegation arrives in Libya

26 December, 2020

The Turkish group arrived in Libya following the passing of a law to continue deployment of Turkish troops for an additional 18 months.

Libya’s rivals exchange prisoners as Turkish defence minister visits

26 December, 2020

Libya’s rival factions have begun exchanging prisoners in accordance with a UN brokered ceasefire deal, as Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar visited Tripoli

Libya's Haftar urges troops 'drive out' Turkish forces

25 December, 2020

Khalifa Haftar has called on his fighters to 'drive out' Turkish forces backing Libya's UN-recognised government

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