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Russia 'significantly bolstered support' for Wagner Group in Libya

03 September, 2020

In January, Russian President Vladmir Putin said that Russians in Libya were neither paid for nor represented by his government.

US: Turkey-sent Syrian fighters generate backlash in Libya

03 September, 2020

The US Defence Department alleges Turkey sent around 5,000 Syrian mercenaries to fight alongside the UN-backed government in Libya.

Stranded 'Banksy boat' migrants board quarantine ship off Italy

03 September, 2020

Over 350 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean last week have boarded a quarantine ship in order to undergo Covid-19 checks before being allowed into Palermo, Sicily

UN denounces ‘blatant’ violations of Libya arms embargo

02 September, 2020

The UN envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams, has condemned violations of the arms embargo imposed on the country, saying that scores of resupply ships and planes had arrived there

Turkey, Pakistan, Al-Azhar condemn Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cartoons

02 September, 2020

'The insistence on the criminal act to republish these offensive cartoons embeds hate speech further and inflames the emotions of faithful followers of religions,' Al-Azhar said after the cartoon's reappearance

Macron arrives in Baghdad on first Iraq visit

02 September, 2020

Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Baghdad for talks with top-level Iraqi and Kurdish officials, the first head of state to visit the country since Kadhimi took office in May

The geopolitical race to rebuild Beirut's port

01 September, 2020

Hopes of acquiring greater influence in the Eastern Mediterranean are driving competition to gain control of Beirut's port.

Turkish delegation to visit Moscow for Libya, Syria talks

31 August, 2020

A Turkish delegation is heading to Moscow for talks on Libya and Syria.

Mayor of Libya's Misrata dies of coronavirus: unity govt

31 August, 2020

Moustafa Karwad, the mayor of Libya's Misrata city, has died after contracting Covid-19, the unity government said.

Haftar assembling hundreds of mercenaries near Libya's Sirte: GNA

30 August, 2020

Haftar's forces are gathering hundreds of foreign fighters and equipment in central Libya, indicating an offensive on Sirte is imminent, in violation of this month's ceasefire agreement

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