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The Middle East at war with coronavirus

07 April, 2020

Moroccans face jail time if they are caught in public without face masks, Saudi Arabia imposes a 24-hour virus lockdown in five cities, while in Pakistan the outbreak reaches prisons.

Morocco makes face masks obligatory to fight coronavirus

07 April, 2020

Morocco has become the latest country to make it compulsory for people to wear face masks in public, in an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19

Morocco to release thousands of prisoners amid coronavirus outbreak

05 April, 2020

Morocco has ordered the release of thousands of prisoners as the death toll from the COVID-19 illness increased to 66 people.

'True friend' China helps Algeria battle coronavirus

04 April, 2020

With 1,171 officially declared cases, including 105 deaths, Algeria is worse hit than its North African neighbours Tunisia and Morocco, and its health sector is in dire need of improvement.

French doctors propose testing coronavirus vaccine 'on Africans'

03 April, 2020

Two French doctors have come under fire for suggesting a vaccine for coronavirus should be tested in Africa.

How lockdowns are affecting Middle East domestic abuse victims

01 April, 2020

In patriarchal societies, women who suffer from domestic abuse will be left even more vulnerable in the face of lockdowns.

Can Beijing's mask diplomacy win Arab hearts and minds?

31 March, 2020

Comment: In the absence of US support in the Middle East, China is turning the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity for a PR triumph, writes Kyle Haddad-Fonda.

Anti-coronavirus measures spark Middle East fears of rights rollback

29 March, 2020

Activists jailed and protest camps destroyed, hundreds arrested for breaking curfew, and prisoners jailed in overcrowded unsanitary conditions: measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic are worrying rights campaigners.

Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns across the Middle East

27 March, 2020

As the novel coronavirus spread across the Middle East, several countries have closed their borders, grounded fights and imposed travel restrictions for both citizens and tourists.

Morocco announces critical blood shortage amid coronavirus outbreak

25 March, 2020

Faced with dwindling blood supplies during the global health crisis, Moroccan officials urged citizens to give blood.

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