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Explainer: Israel's Trump-backed annexation plan for the West Bank

30 June, 2020

Your questions about Israel's plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, answered.

The right to boycott: BDS, Israel and the ECHR

23 June, 2020

In a major victory for the BDS movement, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that boycotts are a protected form of protest.

Gaza baby denied life-saving heart surgery dies

23 June, 2020

Eight-month-old Omar Yaghi died after being unable to travel for life-saving heart surgery, due to the Palestinian Authority cutting ties with Israel last month.

TNA Webinar Video: Blockade of Qatar 3 Years On

17 June, 2020

Our webinar series hosts live discussions on issues related to the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and beyond

Israeli annexation may happen in 'stages': Netanyahu

16 June, 2020

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said annexation will not happen all at once.

Israel army strikes Hamas positions in Gaza

16 June, 2020

Israel retaliated by air and tank fire against Hamas positions after rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the army said.

EU recognition of Palestine 'inevitable' amid Israel annexation plans

15 June, 2020

Luxembourg's foreign minister said the European Union would inevitably recognise Palestine if Israel annexes the West Bank.

How will the EU respond to Israel's annexation plans?

11 June, 2020

The EU is a staunch defender of the two-state solution but remains divided on how to push back against Israel's annexation plans.

Palestinian-Israelis protest bulldozing of Muslim cemetery in Jaffa

10 June, 2020

Dozens of Palestinian-Israelis protested as Israeli authorities levelled a Muslim cemetery in the historic city of Jaffa to make way for a new housing project.

Netanyahu 'planning West Bank Israeli annexation without US conditions'

03 June, 2020

Israel's PM has privately told settlement leaders West Bank annexation will happen free from the conditions of Trump's peace plan, namely a freeze on settlement expansion and negotiations with Palestinians

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