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Oman and China sign visa waiver agreement

29 March, 2021

Oman and China signed a waiver visa agreement on Monday, as the two countries held talks on strengthening ties.

Yemen's Houthi rebels renew Marib campaign amid diplomatic push

28 March, 2021

Saudi-led coalition jets bombed the Houthi rebels as they continued the offensive to claim Marib, while UN and US diplomats traveled to Riyadh to discuss a ceasefire.

Houthi attack sparks fire at Saudi oil terminal

26 March, 2021

The latest in an upsurge of cross-border attacks has sparked a fire at a Saudi oil facility on Friday, authorities said.

Mauritania admits Qatar boycott 'a mistake'

25 March, 2021

Spokesperson for the Mauritanian government, Sidi Ould Salem, said Nouakchott should never have cut ties with Qatar.

'Iranian missile hits Israeli-owned cargo ship' in Arabian Sea

25 March, 2021

The ship, owned by XT Management and based in the port city of Haifa, was able to continue its voyage.

China seeks to protect Iran nuclear deal, defend ties

25 March, 2021

Beijing said it will protect ties with Tehran, amid reports that large amounts of Iranian oil have been transferred to China.

Saudi ceasefire plan unlikely to pause Yemen war: analysts

23 March, 2021

Saudi officials are engaging in back-channel talks with Houthi rebels, but observers say a lasting ceasefire is unlikely to materialise.

Syrian foreign minister visits Oman as countries bolster relations

22 March, 2021

The Syrian regime and Omani have further strengthened relations.

Why Turkey wants Biden to salvage the JCPOA

22 March, 2021

Analysis: As divisions grow among Washington's partners, Turkey will likely stand in the camp of states that see the JCPOA's survival as serving both their national interests and regional stability.

Mauritania re-establishes diplomatic ties with Qatar after four-year freeze

22 March, 2021

Mauritania re-opened its diplomatic channel to Qatar after a four-year freeze following the Saudi-led freeze.

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