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Lebanon arrests Sudanese attempting to 'illegally cross' Israeli border

30 May, 2020

A group of Sudanese men were caught trying to enter Israel through its border with Lebanon, authorities said, the latest in a growing number of attempted crossings.

Qatar says Gulf bloc exit rumours 'baseless'

28 May, 2020

'Reports claiming that Qatar is considering leaving the GCC are wholly incorrect and baseless,' Qatar's assistant foreign minister said.

WATCH: Enormous whale washes up on Kuwait's shores

26 May, 2020

A baleen whale washed up on Kuwait's shores on Sunday, sending social media into a storm.

Saudi Arabia begins lifting coronavirus curfew

26 May, 2020

Saudi Arabia said it is moving toward a 'post-lockdown normal'.

China in the Middle East: Tourism and soft power

26 May, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has undermined a years-long Chinese effort to reshape the new world order with soft power.

Iraq seeks Gulf funds to stave off fiscal collapse

23 May, 2020

Ali Allawi met with his Saudi counterpart in Riyadh on Friday, seeking emergency funds from the GCC to stave off an impending financial crisis in the country.

Qatar targets companies following unpaid salaries protest

23 May, 2020

Doha has confirmed it has taken legal action against companies in the country after migrant labourers launched a rare but peaceful protest against unpaid salaries.

Iranian-American gunrunner to pay over $4.1M to UAE emirate

23 May, 2020

Iranian-American aviation magnate Farhad Azima has been ordered to make a multi-million dollar payout to the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.

Saudi Ramadan TV drama criticised for pro-Israel content

21 May, 2020

Another Ramadan TV drama from Saudi Arabia has invited scrutiny

Which Arab countries will be in lockdown this Eid?

20 May, 2020

Muslims across the Arab world are preparing for a very different Eid amid a coronavirus epidemic.

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