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How coronavirus has changed the way Muslims celebrate Ramadan

24 April, 2020

This year, Ramadan will bear little resemblance to the celebrations that have coloured Islam's history for centuries.

Friday or Saturday? Muslims split over start of Ramadan

23 April, 2020

Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will start Ramadan on Thursday evening, while Iran and Oman have announced Ramadan for Friday evening.

Less than zero: The great US oil crash

22 April, 2020

A price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has seen US oil prices crash.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards say Gulf patrols increased

20 April, 2020

Tehran has accused the US of 'dangerous adventurism' in the Gulf waters, warning that such activity constitutes a 'red line'.

Iran says US giving 'Hollywood' account of Gulf encounter

19 April, 2020

The US accused Tehran of dangerous and provocative actions on Wednesday, saying 11 of the Guards' vessels "repeatedly crossed US vessels at extremely close range and high speeds".

Arab states use AI to tackle coronavirus

16 April, 2020

Arab states have alarmed human rights organisations with the use of artificial intelligence tools to combat coronavirus.

Middle East countries extend coronavirus lockdowns despite economic damage

13 April, 2020

The coronavirus crisis has seen a number of major Middle East cities in full lockdown.

Gulf hubs asphyxiated by coronavirus

10 April, 2020

Comment: The key role airlines play in Gulf development strategies implies a potentially profound knock-on effect, writes Sebastian Castelier.

Can Gulf supply chains cope with the coronavirus crisis?

09 April, 2020

The Gulf appears immune to the panic buying engulfing Europe and North America.

Dubai allows alcohol home delivery after bar shutdowns

09 April, 2020

After Dubai's coronavirus outbreak shut down bars, restaurants and hotels, the city-state has allowed its two major alcohol distributors to offer home delivery.

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