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Haftar's forces set conditions for lifting oil blockade

12 July, 2020

Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar want Libya's oil revenues to be distributed 'fairly' among rival factions.

UAE obstructed agreement to end Qatar blockade: report

10 July, 2020

A deal to resolve the three-year Gulf feud with Qatar was stalled by the UAE, US media reported.

Dubai deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan praises British colonialism

09 July, 2020

Dubai's controversial deputy police chief Dhahi Khalfan sparked an uproar on social media after he praised British colonialism.

Saudi Arabia selects royal court head as WTO candidate

08 July, 2020

Countries are putting forward their candidates for WTO head.

India-Pakistan proxy war a real threat in post-US Afghanistan

07 July, 2020

Analysis: The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan could see a proxy war emerge between India and Pakistan.

News outlets duped by fake Middle East analyst personas

07 July, 2020

Multiple news websites published propagandist Middle East takes by a network of fake analysts, according to an investigation by The Daily Beast.

Chechen refugee killed in Vienna in string of violence

06 July, 2020

A Chechen former separatist has been assassinated in Vienna.

MbS aide threatened Khashoggi's son months before murder

06 July, 2020

Mohammed bin Salman's top aide threatened Jamal Khashoggi's son with unemployment six months before the assasination.

Qatar coronavirus cases pass 100,000 mark amid easing restrictions

06 July, 2020

More than 100,000 coronavirus cases have now been confirmed in Qatar, the health ministry said.

Afghan president pushing for global 'consensus' on Taliban talks

06 July, 2020

Ashraf Ghani is reportedly pushing for a global consensus on peace talks with the Taliban, reports confirmed on Monday.

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