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Qatar Airways gets $2.0 bln aid after huge loss

28 September, 2020

Qatar Airways said it received $2.0 billion in state aid to weather the coronavirus crisis, as it posted huge annual losses after enduring one of its "most difficult years".

Qatar Airways says losses reach $1.9B amid pandemic, boycott

27 September, 2020

Long-haul carrier Qatar Airways on Sunday reported revenue losses of $1.9 billion for the past year.

Anti-Qatar lobby erodes US press freedom with AJ+ ruling

25 September, 2020

Comment: Forcing AJ+ to register as a foreign agent raises serious questions about foreign influence on US politics, and is a worrying attack on free speech, writes Kristian Coates Ulrichsen.

Germany presses Russia to release UN report on Libya

25 September, 2020

The widely leaked report accuses a Kremlin-linked military contractor of violating the UN's arms embargo on Libya.

Qatar refuses to assume Arab League presidency

25 September, 2020

The position of Arab League president became vacant after Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki resigned from the role.

Saudi dissidents launch new opposition party amid repression

24 September, 2020

A group of Saudi dissidents exiled abroad have announced the launch of a new opposition party amid a continued crackdown on freedom of expression in the kingdom.

Kazakhstan suspends three airlines for breaking UN Libya embargo

23 September, 2020

Kazakhstan suspended three airlines for violating a UN embargo on supplying arms to war-torn Libya.

Coronavirus crisis mounting in refugee camps

23 September, 2020

Covid-19 cases in refugee camps across the Middle East have spiked in the last month.

Freed Taliban have returned to battlefield: top Afghan official

23 September, 2020

A top Afghan official said some of the Taliban prisoners who were released by the Afghan government as a condition for peace talks have resumed the fight against Kabul.

Naming Qatar a major non-NATO ally

23 September, 2020

Analysis: The move would be a huge boost to the US-Qatar partnership and another reminder of how the blockade has failed to drive a wedge between Washington and Doha.

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