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Sudan to receive $400 million in Saudi, UAE aid

12 April, 2021

Sudan is getting $400 million to help with its agricultural production from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Mideast 'early inoculators' to recover by 2022: IMF

11 April, 2021

The International Monetary Fund raised its 2021 MENA growth forecast because of early inoculation of the vaccine, while saying inequalities are deepening between countries.

Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopia's data-sharing proposal in dam rift

11 April, 2021

Sudan slammed Ethiopia's offer as containing 'suspicious selectivity' on which information will be shared.

Aid group MSF says detained migrant killed in Libya

10 April, 2021

One migrant was killed and two others aged 17 and 18 were wounded and taken to a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, the charity said.

Sudan agrees to reactivate agreements with Qatar

09 April, 2021

Relations between Sudan and Qatar appear to be warming since the end of the Gulf blockade earlier this year.

Egypt unearths 3,000-year-old 'Lost Golden City'

08 April, 2021

Egypt's "largest" ancient city has been unearthed by archaeologists who say the discovery is the most important since Tutankhamun's tomb.

Egypt, Uganda sign security agreement as Sisi warns Ethiopia

08 April, 2021

Egypt and Uganda have signed an agreement to share military intelligence as President Sisi warned Ethiopia following the failure of talks on its bitterly disputed Renaissance Dam.

Sudanese women rally against gendered violence, inequality

08 April, 2021

Protesters were reportedly faced with incidents of harassment and violence.

UN chief to South Sudan: progress before arms assessment

08 April, 2021

The UN Secretary-General has outlined 'three key benchmarks' ahead of May's assessment of the South Sudan arms embargo.

Darfur governor says death toll in clashes now 132

08 April, 2021

Intercommunal clashes between the Massalit and Arab communities in Sudan's Darfur region have now taken the lives of 132 people.

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