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Sudan fires Darfur officials as anti-militia sit-in continues

07 July, 2020

Hundreds of demonstrators have been gathered in Nertiti, Central Darfur, calling for an end to violence by 'state sanctioned' armed groups.

Sudanese government officials negotiate with hundreds of Darfur protesters

05 July, 2020

A Sudanese government delegation travelled to Central Darfur province to meet with hundreds of refugee protesters camped out for days to demand a halt to attacks by armed groups.

Nile dam talks resume as Egypt minister faces criticism

04 July, 2020

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan resumed negotiations over the Great Renaissance Dam under African Union sponsorship, as Egyptians mocked the country's irrigation minister for saying Addis Ababa had

Sudan police fire tear gas at protesters in Khartoum

30 June, 2020

Protests in Sudanese cities went ahead as planned, with security forces deployed in force, despite a tight curfew since April.

Egypt seeks UN resolution on Nile dam dispute

30 June, 2020

Egypt's foreign minister Sameh Shoukry said the draft resolution on the Nile dam dispute is in line with the outcome of an African Union summit.

Libya's Haftar 'mobilising mercenaries' for key battle in Sirte

29 June, 2020

Haftar-allied foreign mercenaries are reportedly headed for Sirtre to take part in a key battle against government forces.

Sudan detains 122 alleged fighters heading for Libya

29 June, 2020

Sudan said Sunday it has arrested 122 of its nationals as they headed to neighbouring Libya to fight as "mercenaries", state media reported.

Sudan locks down Khartoum ahead of planned 'million march'

28 June, 2020

Protesters in Sudan are expected to flood the streets on June 30, prompting authorities to impose measures days ahead of the event.

Egypt parliament ridiculed for security debate on 'kites'

28 June, 2020

The Egyptian parliament is being criticised for using a session to discuss the dangers of kites for children.

Ethiopia inches towards filling mega-dam as AU urges deal

28 June, 2020

The statement from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office undercut claims by Egypt and Sudan that the dam would not be filled until a deal is reached.

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