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Tunisia warns coronavirus lockdown violators could face manslaughter charges

07 April, 2020

The Tunisian interior minister has warned that people violating movement restrictions imposed due to coronavirus could be charged with manslaughter if they infect others.

UN Security Council to hold first coronavirus talks Thursday

07 April, 2020

The Security Council's non-permanent members requested the meeting after weeks of paralysis over the coronavirus pandemic.

Tunisian parliament grants PM special powers amid pandemic

05 April, 2020

Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh will be able to issue decrees without referring to the legislature in an effort to battle the pandemic in the North African country.

'True friend' China helps Algeria battle coronavirus

04 April, 2020

With 1,171 officially declared cases, including 105 deaths, Algeria is worse hit than its North African neighbours Tunisia and Morocco, and its health sector is in dire need of improvement.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Weekly positive stories of resilience and bravery

03 April, 2020

Top five stories highlighting the Middle East’s resilience in the face of coronavirus this week.

Coronavirus lockdowns are further eroding civil rights in Mideast

02 April, 2020

A new tracker has been launched to monitor the degradation of civil liberties across the world as countries grapple with a fast-spreading virus and social distancing directives.

The Middle East At war with coronavirus

02 April, 2020

Algeria releases 5,000 prisoners in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organisation warns Iraq that coronavirus cases are likely to balloon.

Robocop: Tunisia deploys police robots to enforce coronavirus lockdown

02 April, 2020

Videos circulating around social media show police-operated robots in Tunisia patrolling streets for civilians defying the country's coronavirus lockdown.

Tunisia urges immediate Security Council action amid coronavirus outbreak

01 April, 2020

Tunisia called on the UN Security Council to take action amid an ongoing global coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 46,000 people worldwide.

Hundreds of Tunisians protest coronavirus lockdown, demanding government support

31 March, 2020

Working class Tunisians are the hardest hit by strict anti-coronavirus measures.

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