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Ten years on: Bahrain ‘crushed’ all dreams of reform

11 February, 2021

A new Amnesty International report marking ten years since the uprising in Bahrain said authorities in the Gulf kingdom have continued to crush all dreams of reform.

What led to a modern-time Egyptian Pharaoh’s downfall?

10 February, 2021

Hosni Mubarak reigned as Egypt’s fourth president for almost 30 years but his downfall seemed imminent one decade earlier as people's rage and frustration in the country grew.

Calls for intervention over Malta's brutal treatment of refugees

08 February, 2021

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor organisation is calling for an “immediate intervention" from the EU Commission for "gravely inhumane treatment" given to migrants and asylum seekers in Malta

Five killed by homebrew in Tunisia

08 February, 2021

Police have launched an investigation into the poisoning.

Thousands gather in Tunisia in largest protest for years

06 February, 2021

While protesters are commemorating the 2013 killing of a prominent activist, worsening living conditions and police brutality are fuelling marches in the capital

Surprise as Dbeibah elected Libyan transitional PM

05 February, 2021

Libyan delegates at UN-facilitated talks outside Geneva made the surprise choice of Abdul Hamid Dbeibah as the transitional unity prime minister to take the war-ravaged country through to elections.

A gradual return to dictatorship in Tunisia?

04 February, 2021

Comment: Tunisians' biggest fear remains the return to a dictatorial regime that crippled their country. Recent events suggest they have good reason to worry, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

4 Tunisian soldiers killed in landmine blast: ministry

03 February, 2021

A landmine killed four Tunisian soldiers on Wednesday during an counter-terrorism operation

Making sense of Europe's response to the Arab Spring

03 February, 2021

The New Arab speaks to analyst Lorenzo Trombetta about the impact of the Arab Spring uprisings on Mediterranean geopolitics.

We needed a cultural revolution, not another uprising

01 February, 2021

The long read: Bahey el-Din Hassan explores how elites, who were unable to rise to the task of mounting organised collective action, caused the Arab Spring to run aground.

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