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RoboNurse: Tunisia deploys robot to care for coronavirus patients

02 May, 2020

A robot is being deployed in a Tunisian hospital to help care for those tested positive for coronavirus.

Tunisian President Kais Saied's first six months in power

30 April, 2020

The first six months of Kais Saied's presidency have been dominated by two major crises - the challenge to form a new government, and the outbreak of Covid-19.

Egypt adopts a coronavirus 'coexistence plan'

30 April, 2020

Egypt has adopted measures that it believes will allow it to 'coexist' with coronavirus.

Tunisia opens new women's shelter as lockdown violence surges

30 April, 2020

Cases of domestic violence have increased five-fold since Tunisia implemented a full-scale lockdown to combat the coronavirus.

Tunisian authorities deny country's 'first gay marriage'

29 April, 2020

A marriage that took place in France between two men - including one Tunisian - has reportedly been registered in Tunisia, making it the 'first gay marriage' in the country.

Figures reveal staggering depletion of Saudi foreign reserves

26 April, 2020

Figures released by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority show the kingdom’s foreign wealth reserves have fallen by a massive $233 billion over the past five years

The Middle East at war with coronavirus

25 April, 2020

In today's roundup: Iranian officials fear "fresh outbreak" of coronavirus cases, Etihad airways extends suspension of flights and Tunisian government turns to students for help to fight Covid-19.

Tunisia hopes novel methods will aid virus fight

25 April, 2020

The government has turned to students for help, asking the engineering school in Sousse to task its students with designing a locally made ventilator as their end-of-year project.

Tunisians stranded in Libya by coronavirus ‘force way home’

22 April, 2020

Hundreds of Tunisians stranded in Libya by the coronavirus have forced their way across the border back to Tunisia, while Libyan truckers trying to go the other way remain stranded

African migrants struggle to cope under Tunisia's coronavirus lockdown

21 April, 2020

Isolated and with no access to healthcare, Tunisia's African migrant community has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus lockdown.

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