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Saudi, US push for extension of Iran arms embargo

30 June, 2020

US and Saudi officials called for extending a UN arms embargo on Iran, warning of major implications for regional security, accusing Tehran of arming Yemeni rebels.

The UAE is gradually eclipsing Saudi Arabia in Yemen

29 June, 2020

Comment: The STC's takeover of Socotra indicates that the United Arab Emirates has marginalised Saudi Arabia into a weaker position, at least for now, writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Hunger stalks children in Yemen amid UN aid cuts

29 June, 2020

Millions of children in Yemen - already in the midst of what the UN terms the world's worst humanitarian crisis - face starvation amid UN aid cuts.

Saudi 'forced' 3 Iranian boats to leave waters

28 June, 2020

Saudi state media said it forced Iranian ships to retreat from its waters.

World's poorest nations face 'summer of violence and virus'

27 June, 2020

A BBC war reporter is warning that there could be serious ramifications for Yemen and Afghanistan in the fight against Covid-19.

Bahraini soldier killed in Yemen as Al-Bayda battles resume

27 June, 2020

Bahrain's army announced that one of their soldiers was killed in Yemen while participating in the Saudi-led coalition.

US removes Saudi Arabia from 'worst human traffickers' list

27 June, 2020

The United States has removed the Saudi kingdom from its Tier 3 trafficking list.

Trump mulls ending congressional review of foreign arms sales

27 June, 2020

Donald Trump may put an end to a decades-long practise of reviewing arms sales to foreign governments over humanitarian concerns.

French archaeologist and husband charged over Mideast antique trafficking

26 June, 2020

The couple are suspected of taking advantage of the instability that followed the Arab Spring in the early 2011 to loot ancient relics.

UN warns oil tanker abandoned in Yemen could explode

26 June, 2020

The UN has warned that an abandoned tanker carrying a million barrels of oil off Yemen’s coast could explode as Houthi rebels refuse to allow the ship to be inspected

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