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Facebook board upholds Trump suspension

05 May, 2021

While Facebook's quasi-independent Oversight Board voted to uphold the ban, it called the social network's 'indefinite' suspension of Trump unreasonable and unworkable.

Biden centres Israel normalisation in first call with MbZ

05 May, 2021

Normalisation, Iran and the Tigray conflict were on the agenda in Joe Biden and Mohammed bin Zayed's call on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia's produce ban sends Lebanon a political message

05 May, 2021

In-depth: Saudi Arabia's decision to ban Lebanese produce comes as the country is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its modern history.

Ramadan Stories From The Kitchen: Egg-cellent Palestinian eggplant

04 May, 2021

A scrumptious vegan delight: In the third instalment of our Ramadan Stories From the Kitchen, Sarah Shaweesh rustles up one of her favourite comfort foods, inspired by her Palestinian auntie.

Sherihan: The return of the Arab world’s Ramadan icon

04 May, 2021

As Sherihan’s magical performance in Vodafone Egypt’s Ramadan advertisement evoked feelings of nostalgia throughout the Middle East, Yousra Samir Imran reminisces about what the female icon means to the region.

Jordan partially reopens border posts with Syria, Saudi

03 May, 2021

Jordan has reopened two border posts -- one with Saudi Arabia and the her with Syria -- which were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Israeli police crackdown on peaceful anti-eviction Sheikh Jarrah protest

03 May, 2021

Dozens of Palestinians took part in the march against the eviction of historical Jerusalemite families from their homes.

Israeli court postpones eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah

02 May, 2021

An Israeli court on Sunday postponed a decision to evict Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah area of east Jerusalem until next Thursday.

Beirut Jam Sessions: A musical oasis amongst national mayhem

30 April, 2021

Meshing local talent with revered regional names, Beirut Jam Sessions have forged new, sustainable pathways for Lebanon's music industry, as the country battles national disorder and the coronavirus pandemic.

Gazan behind Mars drone says visiting home difficult

29 April, 2021

While NASA's space engineer Loay Elbasyouni was able to launch an experimental helicopter from the surface of Mars, visiting his home city Gaza is not as easy.

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