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Why Baghdad's new visa system could emulate Kurdistan's success

06 April, 2021

In-depth: Baghdad once sought to abolish the KRG's comparably liberal visa system. Now, new reforms will make it easier for foreign visitors to get an Iraqi visa on arrival.

China bristles at West over sanctions for Uyghur abuses

23 March, 2021

Beijing has banned 10 Europeans, including EU parliamentarians, from entry over the new sanctions.

Iraq grants visas on arrival to 30 countries

17 March, 2021

Citizens of the US, UK and most EU member states will be able to take advantage of the new rules.

New Zealand has duty to support Muslim community: Ardern

13 March, 2021

Hundreds of people turned out for the Christchurch mosque memorial service, to remember the 51 people killed and dozens wounded when a heavily armed gunman opened fire in 2019.

Egypt's terror law use against critics slammed at UN

12 March, 2021

Dozens of countries demanded at the UN for Egypt to stop using anti-terrorism laws to muzzle critics and even keep them in pre-trial detention indefinitely.

New Zealand arrests two over mosque attacks anniversary threat

04 March, 2021

The pair were arrested as Christchurch prepares for the second anniversary of the horrific attack later this month.

France bans far-right group that blocked migrants

03 March, 2021

The French government banned Generation Identity, a far-right group known to attempt blocking migrants from entering the country.

British police trial anti-grab hijab in Muslim recruitment bid

25 February, 2021

Leicestershire Police say the hijabs will be rolled out to more officers if the trial is successful.

Turkey rescues 7-year-old Yazidi girl in IS raid

24 February, 2021

A young Yazidi girl has been rescued by Turkish police in Ankara and two Islamic State members have been arrested.

Turkey detains Russian IS suspect at Syria border

17 February, 2021

Turkey has detained a group of suspected Islamic State members, who were attempting to cross into Syria.

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