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US approves $290 million in bombs to Saudi Arabia

30 December, 2020

The US has approved a number of arms sales to countries in the Middle East amid objections to their records on human rights.

Palestine in 2020: Reflections on a turbulent year

29 December, 2020

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 saw the further erosion of Palestinian rights.

Explosion hits gas pipeline in Egypt's North Sinai

25 December, 2020

The explosion along the main gas pipeline supplying North Sinai's capital did not cause any casualties, the provincial governor said.

Egypt officials: Bombs kill 3 security forces in Sinai

18 December, 2020

Two roadside bombs exploded on Thursday in the northern Sinai, where Egyptian forces are battling an Islamic State group insurgency.

IS steps up Sinai fight with bombs in homes

09 December, 2020

The IED attacks that have multiplied in the vast, remote and sparsely populated region which authorities have declared off-limits to journalists.

Macron and Sisi's authoritarian embrace

08 December, 2020

Comment: The Egyptian and French presidents are attempting to control the meaning of Islam to enact their domestic, authoritarian agendas, writes Sam Hamad.

Egypt rights group says third member arrested

19 November, 2020

Egyptian authorities arrested a third member of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, a leading local human rights group, in less than a week.

Egyptian activists arrested for contact with Western diplomats: HRW

19 November, 2020

Egyptian human rights defenders Karim Ennarah and Mohammed Basheer were arrested following a meeting with several western diplomats on human rights.

Egypt rights group says another staff member arrested

18 November, 2020

Egyptian authorities arrested a second staff member of EIPR, a leading local human rights group

Egyptian scuba diver breaks world record, spending 145-hours underwater

16 November, 2020

Saddam Al-Kilany, 29, remained underwater for a total of 145 hours and 30 minutes.

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