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Sudan trial defence rejects case against ousted Bashir

20 October, 2020

The trial of Omar al-Bashir and others over a 1989 coup heard defence arguments dismissing charges of illegal use of military force.

Sudan to sign Israel normalisation agreement 'within days': reports

20 October, 2020

Just hours after US President Donald Trump announced plans to remove Sudan from the terror blacklist, Israeli reports claimed Khartoum is due to normalise relations with Tel Aviv.

UAE ministers arrive in Israel for first official visit

20 October, 2020

A UAE delegation has arrived in Israel for a high-profile visit.

Trump to delist Sudan from terror list for $335m

20 October, 2020

Sudan could soon see itself removed from the US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism after President Donald Trump said he was ready to make the move.

Thousands of boys chained, tortured in Sudan Islamic schools

19 October, 2020

Boys as young as five-years-old have been found chained and tortured at Islamic schools in Sudan, a new BBC investigation reveals.

Oman grand mufti slams Arabs 'wooing' enemy

19 October, 2020

Oman's most senior Islamic scholar took aim at increasing courting of 'enemy states' by Arabs, in an apparent reference to recent normalisation with Israel.

PM office: ICC prosecutor visits Sudan over Darfur charges

17 October, 2020

The ICC's prosecutor is set to discuss the possibility of bringing to trial those internationally wanted for war crimes in Darfur.

Sudanese businessman organises 'ice-breaker' Israel trip

16 October, 2020

Sudanese businessman Abu al-Qassem is planning a trip to Israel which he hopes will 'break the ice'.

Israeli parliament backs UAE normalisation deal

16 October, 2020

Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, has voted to approve the normalisation deal signed with the UAE.

Seven shot dead during east Sudan protest: medics

15 October, 2020

Seven people were shot during a demonstration in eastern Sudan.

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