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Foreign forces ignore Libya exit deadline under fragile truce

23 January, 2021

There are around 20,000 troops and mercenaries from countries including Turkey and Russia, according to the UN.

Tunisia mothers decry wave of 'arbitrary' arrests after unrest

22 January, 2021

"Some were arrested without even having taken part in the demonstrations," said Bassem Trifi of the Tunisian League of Human Rights.

The eternal promise of the Arab Spring

21 January, 2021

Comment: The ideals of the Arab Spring remain out of reach for many. But the quest for freedom, though long and uneven, is inevitable and unstoppable, writes Mohamed ElBaradei.

Brexit 'loopholes' allow UK to dump waste abroad

21 January, 2021

While the European Union is putting in place regulations to stifle this approach, London relies on legal loopholes to carry on with business as usual.

Tunisians protest against mass arrests in nighttime clashes

21 January, 2021

Tunisians took to the streets to demand the release of hundreds of young demonstrators arrested during protests.

Libyans agree to hold constitutional referendum: Egypt

20 January, 2021

Libyan envoys at UN-backed talks agreed to hold a constitutional referendum before planned elections, Egypt's foreign ministry said.

Tunisia's Defence Minister pressed by lawmakers on riots

20 January, 2021

Ibrahim Al-Bartaji appeared to break the silence of Tunisia’s divided political leadership on the protests in a formal statement to parliament.

Tunisia seeks to stem wave of night-time street riots

19 January, 2021

Tunisia is bracing for protests after hundreds were arrested in four nights of street clashes between riot police and disaffected youths

Riots rock Tunisia for fourth consecutive night

19 January, 2021

Riots continued into the early hours of Tuesday, with hundreds of protesters clashing with security forces in cities across Tunisia.

Tunisia must 'immediately' shun violence against protesters: Amnesty

18 January, 2021

Online footage shows police beating and dragging individuals who were arrested, while eyewitnesses have shared testimony indicating the ill treatment of people in custody, Amnesty says.

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