Joe Show: To defeat Israeli prisons, use one tablespoon

Joe Show: To defeat Israeli prisons, use one tablespoon
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18 September, 2021
Joe Show this week lampoons Israel's hysteria over the 'heroic' escape of six Palestinian prisoners from one of the highest security facilities maintained by the occupation power then pokes fun at Morocco's vacuous election process.


Al-Araby TV, the home of the Joe Show, is part of the same family that includes al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper and The New Arab. Stay tuned each week for a translated round-up of the funniest jibes on Joe Show and English-language subtitled clips from the show's most biting digs. This week's round up is chosen from episode 16.

The Great Escape

Six Palestinian prisoners staged a daring escape from Gilboa, one of Israel's most notorious prisons. All it took them is one spoon. Imagine what they could have done with two. Joe Show mocks Israel's hopeless quest to put down the Palestinian spirit of resistance. Subtitled clip below

Morocco elections: Family Feud

Last week Morocco went to the polls to elect a new parliament. But being a quasi absolute monarchy, many question the meaning and purpose of such gerymandered elections. Many of the candidates for the kingdom's legislature ran without any programmes, under a law designed to curb the opposition's power, and some even ran as entire families. Joe Show mocks the state of democracy in the North African country.  (Subtitled clip below)


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