2 killed in clashes between Palestinian factions in Lebanon

Two killed after clashes erupt between Palestinian factions in Lebanon refugee camp
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06 June, 2021
The clashes in the southern Lebanon camp led to the deaths of at least two people, leaving more wounded.
Shatila Palestinian refugee camp in south Beirut, Lebanon [AFP/Getty Images]

At least two people were killed and more wounded in clashes between armed groups in a southern Lebanon Palestinian refugee camp on Sunday, according to local media.

The clashes, which erupted in the early hours, saw the use of different weapons in the Rashidieh refugee camp, which lies just south of the coastal city of Tyre.

According to Palestinian sources within the camp, the armed dispute began after the Fatah Movement raided the home of a fugitive wanted for drug-related charges.

Ambulances transported the wounded to the Lebanese Italian Hospital in Tyre, while families were forced to stay indoors as clashes went on for hours in the camp.

Lebanon has 12 official Palestinian refugee camps across its territory. Palestinian factions are in charge of maintaining security inside these camps. Rival groups often clash, leading to casualties.