Bolton warns Iran against disrupting Bahrain conference

Bolton fires warning at Iran against disrupting Bahrain conference
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25 June, 2019
The US has warned Iran against disrupting the Bahrain Middle East conference.
Bolton warned Iran against disrupting the Bahrain conference [Getty]
US National Security Advisor John Bolton on Tuesday warned Iran not to disrupt a self-styled Middle East peace conference being held in Bahrain this week, amid rising tensions between Tehran and Washington.

"Iran has engaged over the past couple of months in a long series of unprovoked and unjustifiable attacks," Bolton said.

Tensions soared shot down a US spy aircraft last week after Tehran said it entered Iranian territory, something denied by Washington.

The US has accused the Iran of being involved in a series of attacks on Gulf shipping, accusations Iran refutes.

Washington on Tuesday launched a conference in the Bahraini conference unveiling the economic side of President Donald Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative.

With hostilities between Iran and the US rising in the Gulf, Bolton fired a warning at Tehran from attempting to disrupt the conference.

"In that kind of environment, threatening the conference in Bahrain is always a possibility," Bolton said during a visit to Jerusalem.

"It would be a big mistake for Iran to continue this kind of behaviour."

President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday accused the US of "lying" about an offer of talks and said news sanctions were the end of diplomacy with the Trump administration.