Cabinet chaos: Israeli politicians ambush Palestinian lawmaker dubbed 'terrorist'

Cabinet chaos: Israeli politicians ambush Palestinian lawmaker dubbed 'terrorist'
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29 June, 2016
Hanin Zoabi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel's parliament, was ambushed by Israeli MPs after she described Israeli troops involved in the 2010 Turkish flotilla massacre as 'murderers'.
Zoabi had previously been suspended for meeting the families of Palestinians killed by Israel [AFP]
A Palestinian member of the Israel parliament, Hanin Zoabi, faced a hostile crowd of lawmakers in the lower house chamber on Wednesday after describing Israeli soldiers involved in the 2010 flotilla killings as "murderers".

MPs surrounded Zoabi, calling her names such as "terrorist" and "liar".

The Palestinian-Israeli lawmaker was ambushed by a crowd of angry politicians after she reiterated remarks she made in the wake of the repairing of fractured ties between Turkey-Israel this week.

She had called Israeli forces who had raided a Turkish flotilla heading for besieged Gaza territories as "murderers".

Tensions escalated as Zoabi took to the podium to address other MPs in attendance, a video published by local Israeli media outlet has shown.  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit regarding legal steps to expel Zoabi after comments she made at the Knesset caused a stir among parliamentary members on Wednesday.

Right-wing MP Amir Ohana - who filed a complaint against Zoabi along with other members of the Knesset - said "we will find a way to distance this terror supporter from the Knesset". He urged others to join him in taking legal action against Zoabi.

On Sunday, Zoabi slammed an agreement between Turkey that normalised relations between the two countries after six years of tensions.

"Israel's agreement to transfer 21 million shekels to the Turks constitutes a clear admission of guilt," she said.

"Even if Israel does not acknowledge it, it is a confession to the murder of nine people, wounding of dozens, kidnapping and piracy in international waters and false persecution," she maintained.

Similar action has been taken against Zoabi who has actively campaigned for the Palestinian cause.

Zoabi - along with two other Palestinian lawmakers - was temporarily suspended in February after they met with families of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces.

She also caused a stir when she boycotted the playing of the national anthem when she was sworn in to parliament.