Dubai family hold gender reveal on Burj Khalifa

Dubai YouTube family's 'nauseating' Burj Khalifa gender reveal event draws both scorn and congratulations
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10 September, 2020
The unborn baby's gender was projected onto the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, prompting thousands of responses on social media.
Anas Marwah [C] has a YouTube following of over 7 million [Screenshot/ Youtube]

A YouTube family's lavish gender reveal party has attracted both praise and scorn after a video of the extravagent event was circulated on social media.

Anas Marwah, a Syrian-Canadian YouTuber with 7.5 million followers, held his unborn child's gender reveal party in Dubai, where the baby's gender was projected onto the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

It was dubbed the "biggest baby reveal ever" by Marwah, who is said to be the son of a leading Syrian opposition figure, and his wife.

The video showed a brief build-up and countdown to the reveal before the Burj Khalifa was lit blue with the words "it's a boy" scaling the tower.

A video of the event on the couple's YouTube channel was viewed nearly 10 million times in the first 24-hours since it was posted.

While some reacted in awe at the sight, others were less enthusiastic, particularly as the tower is usually only lit up to show solidarity with countries after tragedies or to mark national days.

Some wished the couple congratulations and labelled it the "most beautiful video".

One Twitter user slammed the reveal as an example of "nauseating ridiculousness", claiming that the use of the tower would have cost close to $100,000.

It is not believed that the couple paid for the gender reveal themselves.

Gender reveal parties have been a hot topic on social media lately.

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The El Dorado Fire has been active for four days, forcing residents in the area to evacuate their homes.

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