Egypt and Israel 'speak same language' says Israeli official

Egypt and Israel 'speak same language' says Israeli official
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29 June, 2015
Dore Gold, the director general at Israel's foreign ministry was in Egypt Sunday to discuss joint approach to 'regional challenges' as relations between Cairo and Tel Aviv strengthen.
Ties between Israel and Egypt have never been better [Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images]
When the eyes of world are set on the journey of Freedom Flotilla 3 as it makes its way to Gaza, Dore Gold, the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, was in Cairo for a series of meetings with Egyptian officials to discuss "regional issues", including with his Egyptian counterpart Osama Elmagdoub. 

Israeli press reported that Tel Aviv was "reassured" by the reception given to Gold in the Egyptian capital, and by the outcome of his meetings there especially regading Gaza.

According to newspaper Maariv's website, quoting Israeli political sources privy to the nature of the discussions Gold held in Cairo, the two sides stressed the need to confront regional challenges and threats led by the Iranian nuclear project, and the rise of Islamic extremist groups such as the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Hamas.

The paper quoted Gold as telling his Egyptian counterpart that "Israel speaks Hebrew and Egypt speaks Arabic, but when it comes to regional challenges, the two countries speak the same language."

     "Israel speaks Hebrew and Egypt speaks Arabic, but when it comes to regional challenges, the two countries speak the same language.
The Israeli sources said Gold and Elmagdoub agreed to "formulate a new mutually agreed policy to address what is happening in the region."

The Israeli sources refused to clarify the features of this new policy, but all indications suggest the Egyptian regime does not intend in this time to alter its strict anti-Hamas policy.

The two sides also agreed to improve political cooperation between the two countries beyond the current security collaboration.

Gold's visit follows an invitation from Cairo, a week after the Egyptian coup regime appointed a new ambassador to Tel Aviv. The Mubarak regime had pulled the ambassador from Israel.

On Sunday, the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement that the meetings tackled the "Palestinian issue and ways to revive Israeli-Palestinian negotiations."

Tel Aviv hopes the Gold's meetings in Cairo would be followed by further meetings. Maariv's website described the visit as a new step in the direction of strengthening Egyptian-Israeli ties, which have been improving dramatically since the coup against elected President Mohammed Morsi.

Earlier this month, Major Geneneral (reserve) Amos Gilad, director of political-military affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, said at a conference in Herzliya that the Egyptian regime was the best thing to happen to Israel's strategic position.