Egypt fines father who saves daughter from oncoming train

Egypt fines brave father who jumped onto track and saved his daughter from oncoming train
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29 January, 2020
Egyptian Railway has issued a fine of 50 Egyptian pounds to the father who saved his daughter from an oncoming train after she fell onto the tracks.
The heroic man saved his daughter from the oncoming train [Twitter]
Egypt has fined a father who was filmed heroically saving his daughter from being run over by an oncoming train in a now-viral video.

Egyptian Railway issued the fine of 50 Egyptian pounds to the man after ruling that he violated certain regulations and endangered the lives of others, Saudi media reported.

A committee of engineers from Egyptian Railway visited the train station in Ismailia, a city in north-eastern Egypt, to examine the station's platforms as part of their investigation.

The engineers also reviewed surveillance footage of the incident.

The father quickly jumped down onto the tracks and hugged his daughter to protect her from the oncoming train after she fell onto the tracks, Arabic-language news outlets reported.

The pair emerged from the incident unscathed and the video was widely shared on Egyptian social media.

The video shows the two lying to the side of the track as the train speeds by. 

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