Egyptian girl kills mother after she discovered secret boyfriend

Egyptian teenager kills mother after 'she threatened to reveal her secret boyfriend'
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13 September, 2019
An Egyptian teenager murdered her mother after she threatened to tell the girl's father about her secret boyfriend.
A teenage girl in Egypt strangled her mother to death. [Getty]
A teenage girl in Egypt strangled her mother to death after she threatened to disclose a secret relationship with her boyfriend.

The girl, 17, killed her mother after they got into an argument over a secret boyfriend, local media reported.

The mother confronted her daughter about the relationship, threatening to tell her father.

The girl then proceeded to strangle her mother to death with a thin cloth and had tried to cover it up to the police, saying she was escaping domestic violence.

Following an investigation, security officials discovered that the daughter's initial account was false and are continuing an investigation to prosecute her, according to Erim News.

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