Eight children searching for scrap killed in Sudan blast

Eight children searching for scrap killed in Sudan blast
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24 March, 2019
An explosion in the Sudanese city of Omdurman has killed at least eight children.
The blast happened in the Sudanese city of Omdurman [Getty]

At least eight children were killed after an unidentified object exploded on Saturday in the Sudanese city of Omdurman, according to a police spokesperson.

Seven children died at the scene in the blast with another children dying of their wounds at a hospital later, General Hashim Abdelrahim told AFP.

The children are thought to have been searching for scrap, when they came across a "strange object" which "exploded" as they handled it.

The blast took place in north Omdurman, where a military facility was located several years ago.

Sudanese state media said that eight children had died in a blast but provided no further details. Police are investigating the incident.

Some children in Sudan have to resort to menial jobs due to the worsening economic crisis, which has seen food prices soar.

The financial situation has led to nationwide protests against President Omar al-Bashir rule.

Bashir has launched a violent crackdown and imposed a nationwide state of emergency on February 22 to quell the protests.

Meanwhile a fire has broken out at the old presdiential palace in Khartoum.

The palace was built in 1832 on the bank of the Blue Nile in the capital, after a short circuit sparked a fire.

"Most offices in the old republican palace are not in use… the fire has now been brought under control," Mohamed Saleh, an official at the presidency said.