Fan arrested for raising Palestine flag in Cairo stadium

Football fan manhandled by Egypt security for flying Palestine flag at Cairo stadium
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20 November, 2019
A football fan was arrested in Egypt after raising the Palestine flag.
The arrest sparked outrage on social media [Twitter]

Egyptian security officials manhandled a football fan who waved a Palestinian flag during a match against South Africa.

Egypt and South Africa went head-to-head at Cairo International Stadium as a part of the U23 Afcon semi-finals on Tuesday evening.

Among the Egyptian flags waved by fans was one man who held up a Palestinian banner - an act of solidarity that is common at football matches in the Arab world.

Security intervened by tackling the man carrying the Palestinian flag, causing outrage online.

"Guess what crime this young man committed when he got arrested? Raising the flag of Palestine," one Twitter user said.

"The fact that a young man was arrested for showing solidarity with Palestine shows the extent to which Israel's influence [in Egypt] is seeping", an activist tweeted.

Despite the act of suppression, the Egyptian football fans chanted the slogan, "with life, with blood, we'll protect you oh Palestine", while other fans raised the Palestinian flag.

Egypt is one of two countries that has diplomatic relations with Israel, while Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's regime has cracked down on people displaying strong political sentiments.

Thousands of activists have been jailed and threatened with execution in Egypt's notorious prisons.

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