Israel 'delaying' visas to EU delegation for Palestinian elections

Israel not granting visas to EU delegation on Palestinian elections
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02 April, 2021
The EU have accused Israel of not granting visas to election delegates who will observe the upcoming Palestinian elections in May.
Israel has been ignoring the EU's requests to grant visas to its election delegation [Getty]
Israel has been ignoring the EU's requests to grant visas to its election delegation who are expected to observe the Palestinian elections in May, the body said.

As a result of this delay, observers may not be able to participate fully in the Palestinian legislative council election scheduled for May 22, the EU said.

"The delay has considerably reduced the EU option to observe the 22 May legislative elections," EU representative Sven Kuhn said in a press conference.

In January, the Palestinian authority officially requested from the EU to act as a neutral observer for the upcoming elections.

The EU has been looking at other options to support the Palestinian elections.

"The EU is strongly determined to support the upcoming Palestinian elections, in particular by ensuring adequate EU observer presence," Kuhn said.

Tel Aviv has not responded to the EU's comments.

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According to Israel newspaper Maariv, Israel officials have decided to prevent EU delegates from reaching Jerusalem due to "Covid-19 restrictions".

However, Israeli media also reported that Israel's intelligence agency has asked Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to cancel the elections.

Israel has also declared that it will not allow Palestinians living in Jerusalem to participate in the elections.

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