Israeli man released from Jordanian prison in coma

Israeli man released from Jordanian prison now in critical condition with Covid-19
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20 September, 2021
An Israeli businessman who contracted Covid-19 in a Jordanian prison was placed in medical coma, following the sustained deterioration of his condition.
Upon returning to Israel from Jordan, Yehiel Chaivi has remained in a critical condition, having contracted COVID-19 whilst incarcerated [Getty-file photo]

An Israeli citizen who contracted Covid-19 while detained in a Jordanian prison has been placed in medically-induced coma in a Jerusalem hospital.

Yehiel Chaivi, a 65-old businessman, was arrested on 9 August during a work trip to Jordan, where he had invested in a plastic factory. He returned to Israel two weeks ago after contracting the virus during his detention.

Chaivi, who had been unable to receive a Covid-19 vaccine due to a pre-existing medical condition, started to display signs of the disease during his time in prison.

This prompted Jordanian authorities to release him from jail and place him in a Jordanian hospital. He was released on bail and returned to Israel on 5 September.

His release was secured with diplomatic intervention from Israel's foreign ministry. He has been hospitalised in Jerusalem since his return.

According to Israeli media, Chaivi was arrested in Jordan after disagreements with his Jordanian partners over allegations of a scam.