Israeli soldiers kill five Palestinians at Gaza border protest

Israeli soldiers kill five Palestinians at Gaza border protest
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12 October, 2018
Israeli soldiers on Friday opened fire at Palestinian protesters, killing five and wounding 50, according to Palestinian health officials.
Gaza's health ministry said 50 people were injured by the Israeli fire [AFP]

Israeli soldiers have killed five Palestinians at a protest near the border fence between Gaza and Israel on Friday, Gaza's health ministry has said.

Fifty other protesters were wounded when Israeli forces opened fire on the crowds with live bullets.

Thousands of Palestinians marched on Friday after convening at five locations along the fence, with Israeli troops responding from across the barrier with tear gas and gunfire.

Demonstrations began in March for the right of refugees in Gaza to return their homes lost since the 1948 creation of Israel, with at least 193 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces who have used live fire on the unarmed protesters.

Since the protests began, at least 150 Palestinians have been killed while participating or being present at the demonstrations.

Protesters have also demanded the end of a crippling siege on Gaza enforced by Israel and Egypt, which has led to acute shortages of basic goods.

Aid agencies and the United Nations have warned that the Palestinian enclave is on the 
verge of collapse.