Jordan ends lenient sentences for 'honour crimes'

Jordan lawmakers end lenient sentences for 'honour crimes'
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30 July, 2017
Lawmakers in Jordan have closed a legal loophole that allowed judges to hand out lenient sentences for those guilty of "honour crimes".
Judges will no longer be able to impose lenient sentences for "honour crimes" [Getty]
Jordan's lawmakers have closed a legal loophole that allowed judges to impose light sentences for "honour crimes".

Lawmakers in parliament's lower house on Sunday amended an article of the penal code which cited "severe anger" a mitigating circumstance for men who kill female relatives in the name of "family honour", activists and the state news agency Petra reported.

Some killers served as little as six months in prison, though courts have gotten tougher.

Activist Asma Khader praised the decision as a "big step forward" for women in socially conservative Jordan.

Later this week, lawmakers are also expected to repeal an article that enables a rapist to escape punishment if he marries his victim.

Sunday's amendment still needs approval from the upper house, widely seen as a formality.