Jordan jeweller selling bizarre virus-shaped necklace 'to remember coronavirus'

Jordan jeweller selling bizarre coronavirus-shaped necklace 'to remember the coronavirus pandemic'
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28 April, 2020
Amman-based Nabeel Sakkijha Jewellery wants fashion-savvy Jordanians to look back on the Covid-19 pandemic as a time when they were 'strong and united'.
The necklaces were advertised in the jeweller's Instagram story [Nabeel Sakkijha Jewellery/Instagram]
A jeweller in Jordan is now offering a unique set of bedazzled, coronavirus-shaped necklaces to remind buyers of "the days when we were strong and united" during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amman-based Nabeel Sakkijha Jewellery showcased the new designs in an Instagram story posted on Monday.

"Coronavirus will soon be a memory.." read the first image in the story. "Buy a necklace to remind yourself of the days when we were strong and united."

"God bless Jordan," the post added.

The jeweller's instagram story included images of unique coronavirus-shaped golden necklaces coloured in green and red. 

Other version of the bedazzled coronavirus are available encased in red and pink circles with a diagonal slash cutting across.

The collection also showcased emoji-style faces wearing face masks emblazoned with the Jordanian flag.

The kingdom has reported 449 confirmed Covid-19 cases, including eight deaths.

Jordanian authorities imposed a nationwide lockdown - one of the strictest in the world - in late March to prevent the virus' further spread but began to ease restrictions on movement on Monday in an attempt to kick-start the economy.

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