Jordanian film Theeb nominated for an Oscar

Jordanian film Theeb nominated for an Oscar
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14 January, 2016
The Jordanian production Theeb has been nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.
Filmmaker Naji Abu Nowar discusses 'Theeb' November 3, 2015 in New York City.[Getty]
The Jordanian film Theeb has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Oscars.

The film, directed by Naji Abu Nowar, tells the tale of a young boy in the Ottoman province of Hijaz during the First World War and is filmed entirely in Arabic.

Much of the cast are from the Bedouin community of Al Shakriyeh, near the famous desert region of south Jordan, Wadi Rum.

The film centres on a Bedouin boy named "Theeb", the local name for wolf, who is required to guide a British army officer across the desert.

Jacir Eid al-Hwietat, 15, who played Theeb told media that "I'm a celebrity among my friends now."

With this nomination, al-Hwietat is sure to be famous outside of his group of friends as well.

This is the first time a Jordanian production has been nominated for what are widely considered the most important awards in the film industry.

The Jordanian setting of Theeb is significant, unlike in other films shot in the area: "We have also become the go-to location for Mars and the moon," remarked George David, general manager of the Jordanian Royal Film Commission.

It is hoped that this will boost the domestic film industry.

It will also show the world that Jordan can be a producer of films, not just a set. 

Many famous films have been shot in Jordan and several such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Hurt Locker have won Oscars. 

Perhaps the most famous film to be shot in Jordan is Lawrence of Arabia which won seven Academy Awards at the 35th editon in 1962.

This year's ceremony will be held in Hollywood on 28 Feburary, and many across the Arab world are hoping that the 88 awards will bring a oscar to the region.