Karl Marx lookalike graces the dance floor in Turkey

Karl Marx lookalike graces the dance floor in Turkey
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24 September, 2020
A popular video shared on social media in Turkey shows the German communist's doppelganger throwing shapes at a wedding.
The 'Das Kapital' author died in 1883 [Getty]
Karl Marx has risen from the dead to burn up the dance floor at a wedding in Turkey, or so a video widely shared on social media would have you believe.

A doppelganger of the German communist philosopher - with a halo of silver hair and bushy grey beard - appears in the video, strutting his stuff alongside a bride and other wedding attendees.

The video appears to have been initially shared by Turkish Twitter user @bubuyudeyalan on Tuesday and has since been retweeted and liked thousands of times in its original format. The video caused "Karl Marx" to trend on Turkish Twitter by Tuesday evening.

The "Karl Marx" in the video is dancing halay, a traditional Anatolian folk dance in which participants join hands or fingers in a line or circle. The dance is similar to the dabke dance performed in the Levant region.

Social media users have attributed the video to a wedding in Mardin, a city in Turkey's Kurdish-majority southeast.

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