Killing of Khashoggi unites Saudi activists in exile

Killing of Khashoggi brings together Saudi activists in exile
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10 December, 2018
A group of Saudi dissidents convened for The Conference of Saudis in Exile; a meeting of Saudi activists organised by Diwan London in the British capital on Sunday.
The event which was organised by Diwan London and streamed live online [Twitter]

A group of Saudi dissidents convened for a conference in the British capital on Sunday, where they honoured slain journalist and Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi.

The London meeting - dubbed "The Conference of Saudis in Exile" - brought together a group of Saudi activists, academics, and reformists to discuss issues of repression and human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and the urgent need for political change.

They shared their concerns for their own safety following the brutal murder of Khashoggi, who was a critic of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Event speakers also criticised the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, urging Western countries to revise their relationship with Riyadh and help end of the war on Yemen.

Saudi academic Madawi al-Rasheed gave an opening statement, in which she rejected the "chauvinist nationalism" of MbS and "his thugs, who divide the population on sectarian, regional, gender and tribal lines".

Other speakers included activists Sahar al-Faifi and Yahya Assiri.

Dissidents based outside London also joined in via video conference. These included women’s rights activists Hala al-Dossari, Amani al-Ahmadi and Amani al-Essa.

The event - which was organised by Diwan London and streamed live online - garnered an impressive following and was praised by supporters of Khashoggi on social media.

"One of the most profoundly enduring aspects of Jamal Khashoggi’s legacy is the fact that Saudi dissidents are more united than ever…Their London conference reflects renewed sense of purpose. kudos to them," a Twitter user said.