Kuwait arrests influencer over ‘lewd act' on Snapchat

Kuwait arrests influencer over ‘lewd act' on Snapchat
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12 November, 2021
Kuwaiti authorities have arrested Bibi Bushehri, a controversial social media influencer, after she was seen performing a ‘lewd act’ with her male friend in a video uploaded to Snapchat.
Kuwaiti police detained Bibi Bushehri after video of her 'lewd act' went viral [Getty File Image]

Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a controversial social media personality and her male friend after a video of them performing a lewd act circulated on Snapchat, several Arab media sources reported on Friday.

The Arabic news website Arabi 21 said that a blogger and influencer who goes by the name of Bibi Bushehri was seen in a “pornographic” video with a male friend.

The video was uploaded to Snapchat by Bushehri herself, Arabic media sources reported.

Arabi 21 reported that many Kuwaitis reacted with anger, saying that Bushehri and her friend should receive “maximum punishment” for performing acts which “go against the morals and traditions of Kuwaiti society”.

Under Kuwaiti law, the performance of a lewd act in public is punishable by one year of imprisonment.

Bushehri, whose real name is Bibi Abdul Mohsen, is an actress according to her Instagram profile. She has undergone numerous cosmetic surgery procedures and is known for dressing provocatively to accentuate her social medial profile and stir controversy.

Over 116,000 people follow her on Instagram and she has endorsed various products on her profile.